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Assignment 7

Part III – Analysis

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Your analysis of the election results, using these questions as guidelines:

  • How will the results impact the future for the President? For the Governor? For Democratic and Republican parties — nationally and in New Jersey? For citizens?

Responses should be two-to-four paragraphs.


Written by Rich Lee

October 26, 2010 at 9:01 am

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  1. Robert Brownlie

    I think the results from last nights election is a good thing for the country as a whole. Maybe now the people in Washington will be able to put aside partisan bickering and be forced to work together. The results came as no suprise to me, but now it has been made clear by many people across the middle of our country that they did not get the change they expected from 2 years ago, and in all honesty I don’t think Obama had a chance to live up to the expectations placed upon him two years ago.

    Obama will have to mend some fences if he expects to keep his healthcare plan in place, since many Republicans made it clear that they want to repeal it and re-work some of the issues.

    What was very interesting last night and what I think is a big step for Chris Christie’s potential run to the presidency in 2012 was the victory of Republicans in gubernatorial elections in states where Obama won just two years ago. Eapecially in Ohio where John Kasich defeated incumbent Ted Strickland. Ohio has always been a pivotal state in presidential elections and the election of a Republican governor there makes the picture look a lot brighter for the GOP in 2012.

    Overall I pretty much saw what I expected. The GOP winning the House with the Democrats controlling the senate by a small margin. The Tea Party may have hurt some of the Republicans chances of gaining more seats, especially in Deleware, but I think that will be a wakeup call for the Republicans and Tea PArty to unite on a more moderate platform, and the Democrats need to find out how to win back the swing states that they lsot last night,

    Robert Brownlie

    November 3, 2010 at 10:06 am

  2. The election of 2010, a midterm election, has made a statement for change. People are hurting because of the economic crisis that has been going on for several years and want change. Republicans now control the House of Representatives after picking up 61 seats. President Obama has to be aware of the Republican victories as a sign that people aren’t happy. This will definitely impact the 2012 election for him.
    In New Jersey, local papers headline read: GOP, IN SPAMPEDE, RECAPTURES HOUSE. The 3rd district in N.J. saw Jon Runyon a Republican beat John Adler the Democratic incumbent but not by many votes. Historically incumbents win reelection so this is important and shows the trend in politics away from the Democrats. In New Jersey the economy and property taxes were the main issues and Rush Holt(D) won a close race over Scott Sipprelle, Frank Pallone(D) won a close race over Anna Little (R), and Jon Runyon (R) won over John Adler. The close race will tell both parties that people are not content with things as they are. Nationwide the GOP picked up 7 Governorships while the Democrats lost 8. Governor Chris Christie was a winner even though he didn’t run. He saw many Republican candidates win offices that were held by Democrats. Nationwide he saw 2 Governors elected whom he had campaigned for including Michigan, and Pennsylvania and helped in a Senate race in Florida. Another Republican won in the Bergen County elections where Kathleen Donovan was elected chief executive for New Jersey’s most populous county. The election showed there is unrest as the Tea Party movement had lots of supporters.
    President Obama now will have to work with a Republican controlled House and a Senate that now has more Republicans than before the election. He will have to deal with the main Republican issues including reducing the deficit and reforming taxes. If these things are done he will have an easier time getting re elected, but if not the Republicans could win.

    Bill Hoermann

    November 3, 2010 at 10:06 am

  3. The election results were pretty much what I was expecting. The results impact the President because now he needs to take into account the republican perspective to a greater extent. He needs to show that he can work in a bipartisan matter. Also, he needs to be careful because they could try and reverse a lot of the things he did within the last two years. In regards to the Governor, even though Christie keeps saying he doesn’t want to run for president in 2012, this election may have put him in better position to run for president.

    This election gave the Republicans more steam. They were kind of dying, so to speak, in the last election. They are going to have to show though that they can work with President Obama and not try to obstruct everything he wants to do. They need to govern with him, not totally against him (although I can only anticipate that that’s how it will most likely be).

    Jenna Glass

    November 3, 2010 at 10:46 am

  4. US House D-184 seats R-239 seats
    US Senate D-51 seats R-46 seats

    Now that the house is, by majority, Republican, Obama might have an even more difficult time getting what he wants. For example, the president is pushing to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, but with a Republican House, this might not come to fruition. Republicans will surely fight to keep the troops at war.
    Governor Chris Christie comes out with a pretty good reputation after all of his campaigning for other candidates. The majority of the candidates he backed won the elections in their areas. Christie is proving to the public that he knows how to make the right decisions for the majority of the people.
    Citizens may or may not see change in the government. If anything happens at all, it will be education reform. This election will definitely fuel the charter school movement and take power away from teacher unions.

    Amy O'Hara

    November 3, 2010 at 11:13 am

  5. Egzon Gashi

    I think that the results of last nights election will have a huge impact on the political world, especially on President Obama. He ran on a campaign of change, and many who voted for him gave up on him in less than two years. I think all of the love he was given at the beginning of his term made him believe that he was immune to such scrutiny. Yesterdays elections, however, should be a big wake up call for him and politicians everywhere. Although he did make many changes as he promised, he lost populous support along the way, and I believe this was a major reason why the Republicans did so well.
    As far as our Governor is concerned, he was not up for election but I am sure that he was happy about the results. Many people that he personally helped campaign for were victorious which is obviously a good sign for him. At the same time, there were some major republican victories in New Jersey, which is generally a blue state. The one we talked about in class, with Adler and Runyan, was definitely an important victory for them.
    On a national scale, I think that this election should be a wake up call for Democrats. They need to make sure that they keep the citizens in mind when they are creating legislation, and that they are able to pass law that will be supported. I think it is a good thing that the House is now controlled by Republicans because it will force politicians to work together. The entire purpose of politics is supposed to be to serve the people and their interests, but it is looking more and more like politicians always feel that they know what is best. For this reason, I think this election was good for citizens as well. The American people, although they did not give change much of a chance, had there voices heard last night. Now, it is up to the politicians to work together and represent the people.

    Egzon Gashi

    November 3, 2010 at 11:21 am

  6. The elections played out exactly how I thought they would, though I was off on margins a bit. Such an outcome was to be expected, because as some of my classmates have stated, the country isn’t in great shape and people are frustrated with the state of affairs. Obama ran on hope and change, and there has been very little of either. Though, as he has said in countless interviews, he inherited a mess, and progress does not happen overnight.

    I mention progress because I believe the next 2 years will be ridden with divisive and partisan politics. Both parties seem hellbent on blocking each other’s agendas as opposed to crossing the aisle and finding viable solutions for our nation’s many problems. President Obama may even see what little progress he has made torn down around him.

    As for each party individually, the Republicans spent 8 years running the country into the ground, and the Democrats won on claims that they would fix it. Clearly they haven’t done much in that time, and thus the Republicans have won the house on the same premise. Given the parameters I discussed in the last paragraph, I see this cycle continuing indefinitely unless there are significant and positive changes.

    With the exception of John Runyan, New Jersey has remained the same, and therefore, I don’t think things will be much different for Governor Christie, or the state’s citizens.

    Colin Foley

    November 3, 2010 at 11:48 am

  7. With Republicans winning the House 239 to 183 and Democrats winning the Senate 51 to 47, there is a new reality of divided power and political codependency rattles both parties. This could lead to a gridlock in which Tea Party members seated will make it difficult to get anything done. On the other hand, it could also lead Obama and Congress to improve their weak standing with the public by working together. With Boehner replacing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Boehner hopes Obama will respect the will of the people and change course. There is a clear drive for a smaller, less costly, more accountable government. Success or failure of this newly divided government comes down to their willingness to compromise. Pelosi confirms that despite the loss, it does not diminish the work they have done and they will strive to find common ground. Dissatisfaction of the Obama administration pushed voters into the Republican column and the economy came out as the leading issue among voters according to exit polls. The first stimulus bill funded 3 million jobs but came with a very expensive price tag. This year’s budget includes funds for a second stimulus. Will the administration use it? Now that Republicans have the House, they will focus on their first priority of repealing the healthcare law. Spending priorities are now focused on deficit reduction, creating jobs, and cutting taxes. However, compromise proves to be a challenge for both parties. Newly elected Republicans are energized in stopping Obama’s agenda coming from feelings that the bailout, stimulus, and healthcare law didn’t give them what they paid for. However, questions still remain. Will Senate Republicans be more or less willing to deal with the White House now that they have more than a bare number needed for a filibuster? How will the administration adjust it’s message and agenda? Like I said before, it all comes down to finding common ground to support middle class, create jobs, reduce the deficit, and move our nation forward.

    Meaghan Shanley

    November 3, 2010 at 11:49 am

  8. Jamie Jarrett

    I was not very surprised by the election results. The fact that the Republicans took the House will definitely be a big change for Obama. He has already been dealing with a big backlash (as all presidents have to), but now that the Republicans have even more power, he is going to have to work harder than ever to get what he wants. Obama’s approval ratings have slipped drastically since 2008, and I think this is why the Republicans were so successful last night.

    As for Christie, I think he was successful last night as well. Many of the candidates he supported won, which makes him look good. The fact that he chose to back the people who were ultimately successful in this election makes it clear that he is a very smart politician.

    Honestly, for citizens, I don’t know what is going to change. It always seems like no matter who is in office, a Republican or a Democrat, things are always the same. There will always be problems and fighting among the politicians, and there will always be problems in society. I don’t see that changing ever.

    Jamie Jarrett

    November 3, 2010 at 11:55 am

  9. Josh Chudnow

    I was expecting to see these kinds of elections reults. Most people predicted the Republicans would make large gains and win the majority in the House but that the Democrats would maintain a small minority in the Senate. For President Obama I think these midterm elections have to serve as a wake up call. Many people are unhappy with the way him and his administration have beeen doing things. It is clear that Democrats and Republicans are going to have to work together now if they want to accomplish anything.

    For almost anything to happen now Democrats and Republicans are going to have to work together. Each party says they are willing to but I get the feeling they say that all the time just to look non-parisan. Whether they actually do remains to be seen.
    I think that Governor Christie is happy about this year’s election results. His party made some huge gains in Congress. Christie supported alot of people that won in these elections so that makes him look good. Also Jon Runyan was able to take the seat from incumbent John Adler.

    Joshua Chudnow

    November 3, 2010 at 12:16 pm

  10. I think the results of the 2010 election will be very important for the people of America. Hopefully with a more even split in Congress, Republicans and Democrats will actually work together and stop the partisan politics that is occurring now. This is probably wishful thinking, however, and it is very possible that Republicans taking the House and getting back so many seats in the Senate will make it impossible for the president to get anything done. It is very possible that his agenda will be blocked even more in Congress and the results of this election represent a major setback for President Obama. Without any of the president’s agenda getting through Congress, it obviously only hurts average citizens because national politics could essentially come to a halt.

    In New Jersey specifically, almost nothing changed as every incumbent was re-elected except John Adler, who was beaten by former Eagles player John Runyan. I think this doesn’t mean too much for change in New Jersey and things will probably stay similar to how they have been. Christie made out very well in this election because the vast majority of candidates that he endorsed won in their districts. This shows that people still like him around the country and that he has some pull nationally (possibly for that rumored presidential run).

    As far as each individual party goes, I think obviously the Republicans benefit from the results of this election. It gives them a chance to get a lot of legislation passed and have a lot more pull in Congress as a whole. The Democrats will probably be seriously hurt by the results because they couldn’t even get anything done with a huge majority in both houses, never mind not having the House and just barely winning the Senate. The odds of enough Republicans voting with them on important issues is slim to none and it seems to be a bleak future for Democrats.

    Ciara Copell

    November 3, 2010 at 12:19 pm

  11. Santiago Melli-Huber

    Democrats did better than I expected. As results were coming in, I thought the GOP would take the Senate. However, this is the biggest gain for any party since the 40s, so it is quite an accomplishment for the GOP. I also saw this coming back in 2008. I know the pattern tends to be that the incumbent party loses seats in the midterm election. For now, the Republicans look good, but this will not last.

    The Democrats in Congress tried to practice bipartisan politics and work with Republicans, but the GOP refused to compromise, and legislation, though bipartisan in nature, was unsupported by Republicans on principle alone, and bills passed were just watered down versions of potentially successful legislation proposed by Democrats. With control of the agenda, Republicans can and will pass very conservative legislation without input from Democrats.

    Republicans will often face a stalemate in the Senate and the constant threat of a veto. As a result, I don’t think a lot will get done in the next two years. I see approval ratings for Republicans dropping drastically over the next two years. As a result, Democrats will pick up seats again in 2012, and Obama will be re-elected.

    As far as the governor goes, he will see the same pattern. His approval rating will drop if he continues his current policies. He is very unpopular with young voters as he slashed the education budget. Once Congress is no longer an issue for him in the eyes of the public, people will wonder why he continues to make cuts, like the tunnel project he scrapped. His ratings will also drop, and I don’t see him winning a re-election.

    In terms of hot button issues facing America today, gay rights and other social issues will take a back seat to tightening immigration policies. The LGBT movement will suffer over the next two years on a national level, and with very many states choosing to elect Republican governors, the future also looks bleak on a state-to-state level.

    Santiago Melli-Huber

    November 3, 2010 at 1:15 pm

  12. Lisa Hwang
    I was not surprised at the election results because people are very unhappy with President Obama, the health care reform, and the economic crisis. I did think the Republicans were going to control both the House and Senate, but they only gained complete control over the House and now Obama has to work with a Senate that has more Republicans than when he entered office. His campaign statement for change has not been effective to many people. President Obama is definitely going to have to work harder to remain in his position, but this will prove to be very difficult since the Republicans now control the House.

    I don’t think much will change for Governor Christie on a state-scale. However, I do think that he will have a difficult time getting re-elected because so many disapprove of him. Nationally, the Republicans have gained a huge advantage because they are seizing the opportunity of gaining favorable public opinion. Unless Obama shows that he is able to keep his promises, there could be disastrous results for Obama.

    Lisa Hwang

    November 3, 2010 at 1:33 pm

  13. I think the results of the election will make it much more difficult for the President to move forth with any kind of agenda. It’s clear that all Republicans are fed up with his policies, and now that they control the House, there may be even more head butting than before. I think the media plays a big role in Obama’s poor image. Most media sources portray him in a very negative and harsh light. This is a scary prospect because it shows the power of spin and the ability to use data and facts to reflect one’s own interests, while ignoring objective and positive information. I feel like many people want to return to a golden era that never really existed and that cannot exist now anyway due to the complex relationships that nations now have. Things are very different than they were when Europeans came here 400 years ago and wrote the Constitution. But I don’t think people want to believe that and that’s where the Tea Party comes in. Yet, I am glad that O’Donnell did not get elected for the Senate, even though it was a close race for her.

    However, Gov. Christie may have an easier time getting support for his agendas and bills now that Republicans control the House.

    Jeff Prentky

    November 3, 2010 at 1:39 pm

  14. Rick McCutcheon

    I believe that last night’s results will have a negative impact on President Obama’s future. Last night, according to CNN, marked the first time the House of Representatives has changed parties in the first term of a President. Obama is going to struggle putting his plans and laws into place now that the Republicans dominate the House. People are hurting, the economy still isn’t fixed, and the party in charge is the first to take the blame.

    Our governor was probably not surprised, but thrilled by the results last night. The race in NJ that got the most publicity was Runyan/Alder, and the ex-Philadelphia Eagle got the nod in his political debut. The other districts in NJ stayed true to color, as the Democrats held their seats and the Republicans held theirs. On a broader scale, the fact that other states that were previously held by Obama changed hands, which may bode well for our Governor’s future in politics.

    Republicans must continue to carry their strong effort forward into 2012. They need to work out the issues with the Tea Party, but they have to feel good about where they stand. Democrats, on the other hand, are thankful that they were at least able to keep the Senate. Citizens clearly sent a message to Obama and the Democrats that they aren’t happy and want better results. If Obama happens to rebound from his party’s defeat, then the tables may turn back in 2012.

    Rick McCutcheon

    November 3, 2010 at 1:52 pm

  15. I am not surprised at all by the election results. It has been talked about for months how the GOP was making a comeback. The fact that the Republicans control the House once again means that there will be a big change in Obama’s approach to policy making. He will have to make many more compromises and because of this, it will probably take longer to get things done. While this is neither the democrats or republicans fault, it is Obama’s job to realize that compromises need to be made quickly and effectively. The American people are clearly fed up with the current state of America and want positive change. In order to do this, Obama is going to have to cooperate with the Republican influence that is now very present. I believe Christie will benefit from last night because a good majority of the candidates he supported won in their districts. All in all, last nights elections were a victory for the Republicans and this will have a huge impact on the elections coming up in 2012.

    Sean Hughes

    November 3, 2010 at 2:14 pm

  16. The results of the 2010 Midterm Elections show that America’s voters are sending a message that something needs to change, mainly with the economy. Nationally, the power has shifted in the House because America voted Republican and abandoned the Democratic Party. This proves they want to see improvements in the economy instead of putting the majority of the efforts in health cares. In New Jersey, six of the state’s 13 congressional seats will now be held by the GOP, with the other seven to remain with the Democrats. Neither of the U.S. Senate seats were up for election.
    The economy has been unchanging the past two years of President Obama’s term and these midterm elections prove he lost connection with the voters and he needs to step it up. During his speech he takes responsibility and agrees on the need for extreme improvement, but still states that the economy has been improving. Both parties, Republican and Democrat, inevitably will have different views and points concerning change and passing new bills, but for progress to occur both must attempt to find a common ground on these issues. The future that lies ahead for President Obama will hopefully have him improve the economy and prove himself to the voters. Especially because major states such as Florida, Michigan, and Pennsylvania all voted Republican which doesn’t seem promising for re-election in 2012. Over all, the GOPs comeback was what I expected.

    Nicole Marcinkiewicz

    November 3, 2010 at 2:49 pm

  17. Gia Peppers

    The midterm elections definitely served as a wake up call to President Obama. With a disapproval rating of 51%, according to CNN, it is time for him to revamp his leadership within the next two years because it is going to be a tough fight. Now, Obama has to work with a divided Congress. Republicans took the House, while the Democrats remain in control of the Senate.

    The main issue of the midterm election was the economy. The American people are sick of being jobless, and want to boost the economy as quickly as possible. The last two years taken a toll on a lot of people, and now that the Republicans have spoken, it is time for the Democrats to act more efficiently in order to regain the trust of the American people.

    In New Jersey, the most watched race was between Democrat John Adler and Republican JOn Runyan. Even though, in most of NJ, Democrats remained in power, in this race, Runyan won. At his celebration, Christie was right behind him to show his support. Now, Governor Christie has to figure out how to work with a state who mostly voted Democrat. Things will be harder for him, and the President.

    I think that a split Congress could be a good thing for citizens because now the Democrats and Republicans are going to have to work together to ensure that the American people are heard. It will be harder to make decisions, but at least we know that all sides will be heard and considered. The split will make Democrats work harder for the people to remain in control, and the Republicans work harder to that they can re-claim control.

    Gia Peppers

    November 3, 2010 at 2:50 pm

  18. Sevinc Nuralis
    Republicans taking over the House is going to be a big setback and change for the Obama administration as it marked the first time the House has changed parties in the first term of presidency. As a stage that every presidency goes through, Obama’s rating have dropped significantly, and Republicans taking over the House is just a cry out from the people with how displeased they are and how they want some kind of change. This victory by Republicans does not mean that the nation in rejecting Democrats but rather rejecting the way our institutions are working and are skeptical about our establishments. Republicans now have the upper hand and it is going to take a lot of compromise for Obama to get legislation passed simply because the odds of enough Republicans voting with them on important issues is very slim.
    For citizens, I do not think that there’s going to be much change since politicians will always fight and there will always be problems in society. It could potentially hurt average citizens if national politics comes to a halt. As CNBC emphasized; people are not happy, the economy remains unfixed, and the people have the image that it is the party that is in charge that’s responsible for all of this.
    Not too much change occurred in New Jersey since every incumbent, except John Adler who was beaten by former Eagles player John Runyan, was reelected. This means that there isn’t going to be too much change in New Jersey and things will probably stay similar to how they have been. It was a good night for Christie as he, and all the districts he endorsed, won. People still approve of him and that he has national power right now. He is going to seem more legitimate in the eyes of the citizens throughout the country as he appears to be smarter than before since his predictions were accurate. The fact that the states that were held by Obama switched over parties makes it seem like Christie has a bright future in politics.
    I think that Obama can, with very hard work and compromise, rebound from this defeat to turn the tables back in 2012. This is just a wake-up call for the President that citizens want a better future and better results.

    Sevinc Nuralis

    November 3, 2010 at 3:01 pm

  19. The election results came as no surprise. The Republicans took the House which was to be expected since Obama’s approval ratings have been in decline since the start of his presidency. This shift in the House will make things harder for Obama since he has to work harder to appeal to the demands of conservatives. This shift proves that people were unhappy with what was going on in the government and Obama will have a lot of work to do in the 2012 election in order to gain back the votes he’s lost. The shift also gives the Republicans leverage for the 2012 elections and can also impact what agendas get passed through the House.

    The election results worked out in Christie’s favor since a lot of the candidates he supported won which makes him look good in the public eye.

    As for the public, the election results impact Democratic voters since they lost control of the House but was a victory for Republicans and those Independent voters that voted Republican. With every presidency, there are arguments between parties that do not work towards a goal of bipartisanship and maybe with the shift, there will be a better chance for this common ground to be reached. I feel like the election might also impact votes for Obama in the 2012 election.

    Jessica Washkwich

    November 3, 2010 at 3:04 pm

  20. Islam

    I am with the opinion that the 2010 election results will have negative effects across the board. The fact that Republicans have gained some ground will not be good for Obama or the country in general. This does not mean that Obama is a shining example of good government. Neither does it mean that having Republicans in charge is having bad government. The problem we will now face is not a matter of who governs better, but a matter of taking action and making changes. With the Republicans now in control of more seats, very little action will be allowed. It was already hard enough for Obama to pass any new policy. Now that Republicans have more sway, it will be even more difficult. They will block him and prevent him from trying things “his way”. Government policy will be at a stalemate. This will lead to arguments, meetings, appeals, revocations, and soon and so forth. The government will not be productive. It is likely that after creating obstacles for Obama (and the Democrats in general), the Republicans will then point the finger at him and accuse him of not wanting to compromise. It will be an easy way to make him look like the bad guy. This will cause the general masses to be even more discontent and he will probably not be reelected.

    As far as common American citizens, this will obviously not be good for us. It would be great if both Democrats and Republicans can compromise. Hopefully, what I wrote above does not happen. If it does, we deserve it. We voted this counterbalance into office because we are unsatisfied with Obama’s two years of incompetence. We should probably have been a little more patient. After eight years of the previous administration, we should wait it out and give the left a chance. Because we are impatient and unrealistic, we created this situation. It is only justice that we reap what we sow. I would like to say that we voted change into office. Unfortunately, I don’t think there will be much change for us as common citizens. The two parties will play tug of war for two years.

    On a more local level, the way things are run in New Jersey will remain largely unchanged. Christie will continue making his changes etc… Despite the fact that NJ is generally Democratic, he is doing a fair job in New Jersey, better than what the Democrats would have done. The results of the latest elections make Christie look like even more of an unstoppable force. He also has a little more support both in NJ and nationwide. However, I still have my doubts about whether he is worthy of running for president. We love fads and superstars, but will quickly turn against what we love as soon as it is out of fashion. This is why people have turned against Obama. The same can easily happen to Christie.


    November 3, 2010 at 3:13 pm

  21. Scott Sincoff

    The outcome for the Democratic party was not as bad as expected due to their slight stronghold on the Senate. Harry Reid defeated upstart Tea Party candidate, Sharron Angle, in the Nevada Senate race, and will therefore, keep his post as Senate Majority Leader. Reid’s victory over Angle was a key victory for the Democratic Party to not only keep their hold in the Senate (and will help them pass more laws for President Obama to sign), but it also derailed a key Tea Party candidate in Sharron Angle.

    However, the GOP gained numerous seats over the Democrats, and due to that, Nancy Pelosi will step down as Speaker but will still be an integral force in the Democratic minority of Congress. Many voters opted for Republicans because they are angry at their government and wanted change (does that sound similar to 1994 and 2008?). With this, the Republicans have 239 seats which is well above the necessary 218 seats for a majority. According to CNN, the GOP gained over 60 seats in this year’s mid-term elections, including Jon Runyan (R-NJ 3)and Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) who is the new speaker of the House of Representatives.

    The Tea Party had a mixed bag of results as heavily touted Senate Candidates Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle lost their races in Delaware and Nevada, respectively. Although they had a distinct victory from Rand Paul (R-KY), the Tea Party did not fare too well as they seemed to be extreme for some voters.

    Scott Sincoff

    November 3, 2010 at 3:15 pm

  22. With a Democratic Senate and a Republican House, it seems as though we are headed into a state of gridlock. Rather than work together, I see progress impeded by two parties who will most likely clash on many issues. Everything that Obama has worked for — including his health care plan, will try to be repealed in coming months. I think this says a lot to the Obama Administration that citizens want to see the change they were promised two years ago. I think the dramatic results of the election were based on a quickly growing need to see some results, as the economy and unemployment still frustrate many Americans.

    This election really benefits Chris Christie because he campaigned for Runyan, as well as many other Republican candidates across the country that won. In this respect, he has gained more notoriety and people are paying more attention to him, which will be a good platform if he decides to campaign for president in 2012. Either way, Christie comes out looking like a leader, which enhances his political image.

    Ultimately, Republicans will face a lot of pressure to produce results and will be cutting back a lot more government spending. In the mean time, Democrats are going to have to be tougher if they want to see any results. It will be interesting to see how Obama will regroup and figure out ways to amend his agenda.

    Hali Fliegelman

    November 3, 2010 at 3:15 pm

  23. The results of the election clearly indicate a change in our national government. Long time mainstays such as Adler were dethroned by newer politicians such as Runyan. I feel as though it is a good thing that the GOP has gained some power because now more ideas from both sides.

    This morning, an article was written on Yahoo about how Obama is now willing to compramise. I think that he is nervous because the GOP will not blindly follow him. Furthermore, if the economy regains its composure, the GOP will turn that into a positive for their presidential election in 2012. If they fail however, then Obama may as well run unopposed.

    Joe Nardi

    November 3, 2010 at 3:19 pm

  24. Omer Orman

    The election resulted in Republicans gaining the majority of the House of Representatives and Democrats keeping a hold of the majority in the Senate. Republicans currently hold 239 seats in the House and 46 seats in the Senate. Democrats currently hold 51 seats in the Senate and 184 seats in the House. The consequences of the G.O.P. gaining the House will shift the power balance from liberal to conservative. Since President Obama is a democrat his going to have great difficulty passing bills through the House. As a result of that the future doesn’t look like it’s going to be very productive. Major issues such as the economy, federal deficit, and education will now be handled in a more conservative manner. Since the President is usually seen as the one responsible for the issues, how well he does in his new limited position will have a great impact in the next presidential election.

    Republicans plan to cut spending and repeal the health the law, while democrats prior to the election had planned on stimulus spending and to pass a health law. Since democrats and republicans are separated on the major issues, a compromise must be met for each issue in order to make any progress. Before the election the democrats were well on their way at tackle these issues. Now that republicans have gained the House new plans are being arranged. The time for these new plans to be arranged prolongs any action at the moment toward improving these issues. Since action is going to take longer, progress is as well. The issues at hand affect the lives of every citizen in the country. I feel the quality of life in our country in the next 2 years will drop due to party disagreements.

    The 2010 election also helped recognize the political power of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Of the 16 candidates Christie endorsed 11 won and 5 lost. During the campaign he toured 15 states and raised 8 million dollars for out of state candidates. His contributions and success have proven Christie to be a notable republican. The credibility he achieved from this will benefit his future career as well anyone else he endorses.

    Omer Orman

    November 3, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    • Correction: Democrats currently hold 185 seats in the house, not 184.

      Omer Orman

      November 3, 2010 at 3:35 pm

  25. Daniel DiMaggio

    The majority gains of Republicans in the House of Representatives and the less dramatic but still significant gains of Republicans in the Senate last night primarily indicate that the health care bill passed by the Obama administration will be hotly contested by the incoming Congress. Republican politicians and officials are portraying these election results as a sort of mandate from the American people, and discussion of this tide of opinion tends to focus on what they see as a wasteful and impractical health plan (which new House majority leader John Boehner termed a “monstrosity”), so it makes sense that attempting to repeal the Obama health plan will be one of the first collective priorities of the new Republican House majority. This newly energized House, and the larger Republican minority in the Senate, mean that Obama will have to be more conciliatory to the right if he wants to accomplish any sort of changes through Congress. Obama’s comments following the election have been almost apologetic about some of his policies up to this point, and support the idea put forth by some reporters that this election will occasion a shift to the center on the part of the president, similar to Bill Clinton’s more centrist approach following the Republican congressional takeover in the 1994 elections.
    While this Congressional change will make it more difficult to for Democrats to pass certain measures, the Republican majority is not great enough to totally cripple presidential initiatives, as Democrats still maintain a majority in the Senate and Republicans do not have sufficient numbers to override the president’s veto power. More generally though, I feel like this congressional shift will have the effect of encouraging Republicans to attempt bolder measures and propose more bills countering what they see as the unnecessary expansion of big government furthered by the Obama administration. This trend could extend to state and local levels in such a way that would affect gubernatorial and state initiatives, especially in states like New Jersey, with its Republican governor working with many Democratic elected officials. The fact this election saw Republicans registering gains in many state legislatures as well as the House further suggests that the changes seen in this election will trickle down to state and local levels, as well as affect national politics.

    Daniel DiMaggio

    November 3, 2010 at 3:56 pm

  26. The election results were pretty much what I had expected them to be. The same Republican and Democratic power struggle will continue. I believe President Obama’s agendas will be set back significantly now that the Republicans are majority in the House of Rep. He will need to make some changes in his plans and this may cause any type of progress to be slowed significantly. I feel that the US citizens are probably going to benefit in the long run from this change. Christie will also have an advantage from last night’s results because many of the people who he supported won in their respective districts.In sum, the elections in 2012 will be greatly affected by last night’s results because Republicans now have a bigger voice and opportunity to propose bills and oppose those which they do not agree with. They do not hold an absolute power though- it will be interesting to see what happens.

    Lauren Sieber

    November 3, 2010 at 4:05 pm

  27. Christie Brid

    I think the results from last night show frustration within the citizens of America and how the Obama administration hasn’t upheld their end of the deal. Granted it’s been only two years since he was sworn in but many do feel that he has passed policies that don’t take people into consideration. The health care bill upset many citizens and has affected small business owners because many of them are struggling to stay afloat. Shifting from one party to the next is only natural when people feel they have no other option because one party has to better the situation. The results will obviously affect Obama and the democratic party because it will not force them to work with the GOP, something that they didn’t necessarily do in the past two years. They will now have to work through differences and in essence this will make whatever the Democratic party wants to do more difficult but thats politics and we have always had two parties for a reason. Our governor will have an advantage because he is of the Republican party and like many republicans in the house this will allow the party to have a voice again and not be undermined by the tea party. As for citizens this turn in the election will hopefully help the country’s current situation. Hopefully republicans having gained control of the house will mean that they will push to help out the middle class who has gotten the burden of a lot of things because the health care bill as well as other laws haven’t been tweeked. This shift has just made the 2012 presidential election that much harder for those that will run. The 2012 election began last night and both parties will have to work that much harder to prove themselves.

    Christie Brid

    November 3, 2010 at 4:43 pm

  28. I think that the fact that Republicans have control of the House of Representatives is a good think because it will force Democrats and Republicans to work together. It is also a good thing that the Democrats were at least able to secure a slim majority in the Senate, and since it is almost split down the middle it will encourage bipartisan legislation. In terms of the future of the President, it will probably be harder for him to get legislation passed, which has been an issue for him since his election.
    These results coupled with the election of many Republican Governors nationwide that Chris Christie helped campaign for. This is very favorable for Christie not only because he is a Republican, but for his own reputation if he decides to run for the next presidential election.
    The American citizens have been discontented with the current state of affairs, so hopefully those who voted will see the change they want to happen actually happen this time around. Hopefully, the Republicans can stop pointing fingers at the Democrats and actually help in improving issues such as the economy and healthcare.

    Donnalyn Robles

    November 3, 2010 at 4:46 pm

  29. With the republicans seizing control of the House, the pressure has increased for Obama and the democrats. It will be interesting to see how the change will affect Obama, a man who has never claimed to be an advocate for political parties. With the shift in power hopefully the bipartisan politics will be put on the back burner and force the two parties to work together. However, I feel like this will not be the case and could see more fingerpointing now than before.
    While the republican party clearly made gains over the past 24 hours, the pressure on speaker of the house will be evident. Boehner will be encouraged to reduce spending and repeal Obama’s healthcare plan.
    I think that the results of the election could be significant to the career of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and I believe that despite what he says he will be the republican candidate for the 2012 presidential election. The drastic change in the house of reps. clearly shows the dissatisfaction with the Obama administration and I feel that Obama will be now be able to do even less (if possible) with the way the house sits. I personally hope that Christie runs for president.
    The midterm elections proved significant for the GOP and I believe there will be one of two scenarios. Either the bipartisan dynamics of our country will subside allowing for progress to be made, helping Obama’s cause for campaign in 2012 or Obama’s public view will completely deteriorate allowing the GOP to knock off the incumbent candidate.

    Shane Brennan

    November 3, 2010 at 4:48 pm

  30. With the Republicans now holding 54 more seats in the US House, I see rough times ahead for the Democrats. That is a distinct difference, and I think now it should be clear to the President that the citizens are not currently happy concerning many issues, especially the economy. This should heavily impact the future for President Obama, hopefully in a good way so that he realizes things cannot stay as they are. The day before the election, Democrats for campaigning in a “yes we can” fashion, much like that of the 2008 election. I think people are realizing that this is repetitive, and, do not want to fall for the same thing as they did two years ago. While there has been some change, Obama is still being blamed for the bad economy among other issues. On the upside for Obama, he does still have two years left to do something for better chances in getting re-electing, and perhaps these midterm elections were a wake up call.
    Concerning the Governor, while he was not personally running, several candidates he supported won and so I am sure he was satisfied with the outcome. He says that he does not plan on running for President in 2012, but if he were to change his mind, the House is definitely more suitable for him to do that now.
    Republicans were definitely the clear winners last night, and while the Democrats tried to show confidence, I am not very surprised. However, before they get too confident, I think they need to stop seeming so separate from the Tea Party and being one extreme or another. It could hurt them in the end. As for New Jersey, which is typically a blue state, there were significant Republican victories, which is also good for Christie.
    The people of American have certainly spoken, and hopefully they will be heard. I believe that the Republicans that voted red and even fearful Democrats who may have voted red, are truly hoping for change, first and foremost with the economy. I think that change will be a good thing, and that it was needed to see what this will do to Congress before the 2012 election.

    Courtney Kugel

    November 3, 2010 at 4:55 pm

  31. Elena LoBello

    The elections ended with the Democrats keeping control of the Senate, but with a very small margin. The Republicans managed to dominate the House of Representatives. The fact that the Senate is overruled by such a slim margin means there will be even more debates among the two houses, and it may increase some Republican frustrations. The Republicans may feel that because of Obama’s Democratic leadership he will support the Democratic Senate, even though the margin of Republicans to Democrats is so slim it shouldn’t really matter.
    The House of Representatives are going to cause a bit more of an uproar because it changed into full control of the Republicans. They are going to have more of an influence on the Obama administration and the President is going to have no choice but to accept and listen to their suggestions. Most people expected there to be a ‘switcharoo’ somewhere as a way to reinforce that Obama’s administration hasn’t reached the expectations it developed. This new develop may either hurt or help Obama. This could force Obama to listen to both parties more equally, which may lead him to make decisions that will please all different voters of the country. Or if he continually fights the Republicans, he could be in danger with future elections since they now control the House.
    New Jersey hasn’t had too much of a change, and since the Governor is now a Republican, I don’t think the state will be too heavily influenced by the changes. If anything, we may see some minor changes that would affect the whole country, but nothing extreme.

    Elena LoBello

    November 3, 2010 at 5:05 pm

  32. Although I am not necessarily pleased with the outcome of the elections last night, I am in no way surprised by the results. Now that the House has more Republicans, Obama will have to work much harder to get his policies accomplished. However, being that many of his original supporters gave up on him in less than two years of his presidency, he has already been fighting an uphill battle. A battle most people at one point believed he would never have to fight due to the overwhelming support Obama once had.
    Now that the GOP hold more seats, it is up to Obama to create a more bipartisan environment governmentally. It should serve as a form of a wake up call to Obama for his 2012 election that simply stating he will “change” things does not mean the “change” can happen on its own, especially in our nation’s still struggling economy.
    For a typically voting blue state, the fact that a significant number of Christie’s Republican endorsements won shows a great deal for his future endeavors. His political party will now have a much bigger voice when it comes to policies and bills and this can only mean great things for the Republican party.

    Stephanie Kosofsky

    November 3, 2010 at 5:10 pm

  33. Meagan Plichta

    I think the results of the election will be good for the country. The fact that Republicans now hold the House, both parties are going to have to work together in order to get things done. On the other hand, the campaign ads for this election were extremely negative. This will most likely stay the tone when the elected take office. If anything is going to get done in Washington, both parties are going to have to find some common ground.

    The Republican takeover of the House could bode well for Christie. Americans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Democratic Obama administration. This might influence Christie to be a candidate for the Presidency or the Vice-Presidency because it is possible that a Republican candidate will be elected in 2012.

    It is also possible that big changes could occur within the next two years. Obama’s approval rating can still go up and the economy can still be improved. Just because the Republicans are being favored now does not mean that it will be the same case in 2012. The country is only two years out of the Bush administration. Change cannot happen overnight. Both parties are going to have to make compromises, regardless of who wins in 2012, for anything to get done.

    Meagan Plichta

    November 3, 2010 at 5:11 pm

  34. Anna Zailik

    The results of the midterm election are going to create a difficult future for President Obama. Because the Republicans now control the House, they are planning to repeal some of the work Obama has done while he is in office. I think the Republicans will try to get rid of the health care reform Obama initiated. They are also going to enact their party’s agenda and try to extend Bush tax cuts and decrease the size of government. I think Obama will be willing to work with the Republicans on these issues, but overall they are not part of Obama’s agenda as president. I think it will be extremely difficult for Obama to pass any type of legislation that favor democratic ideologies. I think the Republicans are fired up and they are looking to work quickly in order reduce spending and get people jobs. The ways they are looking to do it are not in Obama’s plan.
    The results of the election create a positive future for Chris Christie. I think Congress will be in favor of Christie’s initiatives and he will therefore have an easier time getting support behind his beliefs. Although New Jersey is still a blue state, it is pretty much split in half between Democrats and Republicans. I think there are still a lot of people in New Jersey that are fed up with Democrats and will choose to give more support to Chris Christie. The results of this election might also impact Christie’s decision to run for president, but I do not see him being the Republican candidate in 2012.
    I think the Democratic party is licking their wounds despite it’s for the control. However, I think the results of this election show that the Republicans have a strong, clear message and it is obviously what the nation wants right now. The Republicans are going to get a lot more support in the next two years if they do what they say they are going to do and the unemployment rate goes down. Although the Democrats still have control of the Senate, I think that it is going to be a tough battle to be able to push their agenda. I think the nation should expect a lot more polarization in the next two years. I think New Jersey is going to experience a lot more Republican control as well.

    Anna Zailik

    November 3, 2010 at 5:12 pm

  35. The results of the midterm elections will greatly impact the government on the federal level. With having a Democratic President and, now, the House having a majority of Republicans, nothing is really going to be accomplished. For Democrats, this hurts because much of what they have worked for will be thrown out the window. For Republicans, this is a plus because now they can revisit the healthcare bill and probably will have the power to get rid of it completely. Republicans also have a chance to put money back into the pockets of hard working Americans and try creating more jobs. The Tea Party didn’t fair very well in this election, and with Sharron Angle losing, it puts a major dent in them trying to create a third party in America.
    This helps out the Governor in the sense that it is showing how fed up people are with the Obama administration and how they want a change to the more conservative side. This helps the Governor in the sense that if he wants to run for President in 2012 he is looking at a nation which is looking to become more conservative, especially, if the Obama administration doesn’t turn it around in the next two years. Also, now the federal government will neutralize everything that is being done which is going against what the Governor believes in. This will put New Jersey on a similar path to the nation as a whole than it was before the election. Although many Republicans who will now be in Congress don’t agree with Governor Christies views on things like education, because they are all conservative, they are willing to help Christie become better looked upon and use him in a to show ways of getting out of the debt the Democrats have been blamed for giving us.
    The majority of citizens are happy with the results of the election, obviously, because of the way they voted. For the middle-class and upper-class they are probably more excited because now they can hold onto their money rather than give out more of it to the unemployed and poor. Much of the lower class, on the other hand, is seeing their dreams of having a government which works for them going to waste.

    John Paredes

    November 3, 2010 at 5:23 pm

  36. Daniel Rogers

    The election results will affect President Obama in obvious ways. Since Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, it will be harder for Obama and the Democrats to get their legislations passed. The new Speaker of the House, John Boehner and the majority GOP in the House will make it more difficult for the Democrats’ legislation to be debated, since the GOP will be able now to set the agenda and give priority to issues they want to cover. The Democrats may have to change what’s in their bills in order to please the House Republicans.

    American citizens will most likely feel frustration when it comes to getting laws passed and getting national issues solved, but maybe both parties will be forced to compromise more, and meet in the middle to enact legislations and policies that will improve the current American landscape, but the odds of that are slim. As already stated by Boehner, the GOP will try to repeal the healthcare law, so if they are successful, Democrats and American citizens will never get to see the effects of Obama’s efforts. Healthcare may continue to be a huge issue in American citizens’ futures, and the economy may take even longer to improve with Congressional disagreement.

    For the state of New Jersey, the election results really didn’t change the state of affairs at all. The only major upset was John Adler, who lost to GOP John Runyan, with mostly every other incumbent in the state winning.

    Governor Chris Chrstie may find that the national election results may work to his benefit, since the GOP across the board seems to admire him, and since the party won the House, he may find that he is able to communicate with them, and have an input as a Governor. Also, it certainly doesn’t hurt his chances of running for President in 2012. Democrats in New Jersey still seem to hold the majority, but with a Republican as governor, the GOP obviously has some more advantages in the state, since Christie can enact legislation he and his party favor.

    Daniel Rogers

    November 3, 2010 at 5:41 pm

  37. Keith Obzut

    The midterm elections were just what I predicted, that the GOP would take control of the House and Dems would hold onto the Senate. These results could mean that over the next two years that there could be both parties working together or Obama would be able to get any of his plans through. These elections results resemble those of 1994. I think that it could be a setback for the President because Eric Cantor, the new House majority leader, said he will repeal the health care reform bill right away. Obama is going to have to learn about compromise and should try on getting both parties to work together if he wants to get elected for 2012.

    As for New Jersey, Chris Christie must be happy because most of the people he campaigned for won, including Jon Runyan who beat Jon Adler for a House seat. There isn’t going to be that much change in New Jersey. Christie is going to still continue trying to get our economy out of the red zone and he’ll have a little more help this time around.

    As for the Americans citizens, well…we’re just going to watch both of these parties argue, further split the bipartisanship in this country and get nothing down for us. But hopefully, I’m wrong on this one.

    Keith Obzut

    November 3, 2010 at 5:47 pm

  38. After last night’s tallying of the mid-term elections, the Republicans hold the majority in the House, while the Democrats have majority in the Senate. The results were pretty much as everyone had expected. However, for the President, these elections should be a wake up call to him that his approval ratings are dropping and now the House has GOP rule. The President should take note of the fact that his policies the past two years have not been pleasing to the American population as a whole, as seen by the election results, and he must take advantage of these next two years of his term. Even Obama himself was quoted this morning saying that his party took a “shellacking,” and he wants to work with the victorious Republicans, but he also stuck to his guns on his policies such as health care, energy, and taxes. However, if he wants to stick to his guns about these policies, he will definitely have to draw more consideration from the GOP.
    In terms of the Governor, even though he wasn’t part of these elections directly, he was indirectly involved with supporting many Republican candidates. In my opinion, the victories they received will definitely bode well for the governor, especially if the rumors about his run for the Presidency are true.
    In terms of both parties after the elections, it is rather obvious that bipartisan ideologies will come to the forefront with neither party having the clear advantage. The Republicans now control the house, but the Democrats still have control of the Senate and this should result in a lot of cross-aisle ways of thinking. If it doesn’t, this country will be stuck at a roadblock for many items of legislation.
    For the citizens of America however, I feel that this divide between the HOR and Senate will only lead to more and more stories about going in circles and arguing between the parties. It’s hard to imagine bipartisanship with how strongly both parties feel about their respective ideals. I hope though that I am wrong and this country will finally begin to see the change that was originally promised two years ago.

    Bill Martin

    November 3, 2010 at 6:08 pm

  39. Jake Noonan

    I was pretty sure the elections were going to turn out the way they did, just by the way everyone was talking about them. I know that many people were growing tired of Obama and his administration and wanted some what of a change. I knew the Republican party was going to make some pretty big strides and gains and this will hopefully shake things up a bit in Washington. I feel like the Republicans are really trying to make a statement and get their message out their. I feel that if they accomplish what they are saying they will, their will be a lot more Republican support for the 2012 election. But the fact that Washington is pretty much split now will force the two parties to work together. I don’t know if that will be a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, it could shake things up and get things done. On the other hand, heads might butt and nothing might get done. I think Chris Christie is happy with the results. The Republican party really made a statement and it shows more of a support for the party. He also supported many people who won so I think he is happy.

    Jake Noonan

    November 3, 2010 at 6:21 pm

  40. Ed McGarrigle

    This election sends the message of change throughout the country. People were not pleased with how the country was being run, and they let the administration know that in this election. Hopefully, the fact that Republicans gained a lot of seats during a Democrat’s administration will mean that there will be less partisanship in Washington. Politicians need to realize that both sides have to compromise in order to accomplish anything. The President and Congress are both going to have to work together and harder to give the country what they want.
    New Jersey’s Chris Christie is probably very pleased with the results. Even though he did not participate, many he campaigned for one. This is going to look very good on Christie’s record and could contribute to his advancement in politics, should he choose to do so.
    This election, in New Jersey and nationally, showed that Democrats were not delivering on their promises and that Republicans capitalized on it. However, what will they do now that they have more power? The big thing is that partisanship must end or else the country is not going to progress at all. If the country doesn’t go the way the citizens want it to, we may see another radical change in the 2012 elections.

    Ed McGarrigle

    November 3, 2010 at 6:22 pm

  41. Johanna Ordonez
    After last nights elections the votes seemed to be going for the republicans. But the elections were somewhat what everyone predicted it would be. The Republicans have the House and Democrats in the Senate. The fact of the matter is now both parties are going to have to come into an agreement with every issue they said they were going to change. The main issue is the revoking of Obamas policies. The public showed its anger towards the dead end promises by the president.
    This election is hurting Obamas chances for the 2012 election because people simply don’t believe in anything he has said. The possibilities for Chris Christie in the elections is much higher now. Republicans and Democrats will have to find some sort of way to come into a mid ground with their decisions. And for the citizens, this will just be a test to see if their decisions were the right ones.

    Johanna Ordonez

    November 3, 2010 at 6:33 pm

  42. For president Obama the results of the election are major. With the democrats loosing the house yet retaining senate the pillars which Obama ran upon will be challenged. It will require the president to develop a give and take relationship and many of the policies he was working on will have to be compromised.

    For Gov. Christie the election was a great success. He will now have more leverage and support within the state. It gives him more constituencies that will vote republican thereby giving him more power.
    For both parties on a national it is obvious that the democratic party has lost power through loosing the house. The republican party considers winning the house a great victory but they also really wanted to the senate so maybe they felt some sort of failure. Then again they knew the projection was going to be very close.

    On a state level the interest of senators is their constituency. They want their needs to be met. The people that voted in a republican majority in the house will now be served for the next two years by their officials. This will be reflected through the state legislation. Committees within the the house and senate will have more of a conservative influence.

    The results of last night will polarize citizens. The state of the republican party through the popularization of the tea party will give voters a hard decision in the next election. Now hyper conservatives are skewing the political spectrum of citizens.

    Steven Ortepio

    November 3, 2010 at 6:43 pm

  43. Liz Matakevich

    I think the results from last night’s elections showed everyone exactly what the people wanted, and that was change. GOP ruled the House last night picking up many seats over the Democrats and the Democrats only have a small majority in the Senate. Americans have not been seeing what they want getting done especially with the economy which is still in bad shape and also with more creation of jobs which hasn’t been getting done either, and they showed that frustration in the election results. This new change is definitely going to be interesting to see in both the House and the Senate as the Democrats and Republicans will now have to work together to get things accomplished. It will be interesting to see if they can put their differences aside and work towards common goals like creating more jobs and figuring out a plan that will help the Country out for the future.
    This new change that has come from the results of the election is definitely going to have an impact on Obama and his administration for the rest of his term. Instead of having a Democrat majority where he could have more support in his plans he is going to have to completely change his game plan to work with the Republicans in the House and the Senate. If he doesn’t change his game plan then he is going to have a very hard time getting anything he wants done accomplished, especially with his Health Care Bill as many Republicans have been opposed to everything it stands for. Obama addressed to the press that he realizes now that people are deeply frustrated with the way things are going and that it shows to him that he needs to do a better job, as with the rest of Washington. I think the results from last night’s elections impacted the Republican Party in a good way because it showed that the American people are willing to give them a second chance to get things done as we are not seeing that change being fulfilled with the Democratic majority. Although this impacts the Democratic party in a bad way as they no longer have the big majority and power, I think that if they all put their differences aside and work together that this won’t be that big of a concern for them.
    I don’t think that there will be much change in New Jersey as all the incumbents held onto their offices except for one. The New Jersey races didn’t follow the trend of the rest of the Country with the Republicans winning as only one who wasn’t an incumbent Republican won a seat. The only change I see happening in New Jersey with these results is to see what the Republicans in New Jersey decide to do with their newfound power in the House. I think the results will also impact Chris Christie somewhat as he will now have more control to do what he wants then he did before and this will also help him if he is planning to run for President in 2012, which still has yet to be seen. The final way in which I see the results impacting people is with the citizens in this country as they want to see something done about immigration and Republicans have promised that something will be done about it. Nationally the people just want to see positive change and they want to see something substantial being done about fixing our country and getting jobs back to the people and these results will hopefully do just that.

    Elizabeth Matakevich

    November 3, 2010 at 7:00 pm

  44. The results of this election impact our entire nation for top to bottom. President Obama however will probably be impacted the most. It is now going to be a lot harder for Obama to get his policies passed now that the Republicans are in control of the House and have gained ground in the Senate as well.

    Governor Christie was a big winner in this election process. A lot of Republican candidates for Governor who Christie helped campaign for won election. This makes Christie look good and also helps his reputation if he decides to run for President sometime in the future.

    As far as on a National scale this election should serve as a wake up call for the Democrats. Having the house turn on the President during his first term is something that doesnt usually happen. It’s a clear indicator that the people of this country do not agree with the policies that the Democrats have put in place. It also shows that the Republicans have a message that the rest of the country supports and wants to try. I think that with the success of the Republicans nationally in the election we are also going to see a lot more Republican control on a more local level as well as far New Jersey is concerned, especially with a Republican Governor that the people just recently elected.

    I think the message sent to Obama from the citizens is that they are not happy with the policies that he has put in place and they want change.

    Kevin Nielsen

    November 3, 2010 at 7:05 pm

  45. I wasn’t all that surprised with the results to be honest. People wanted change and that is exactly what they got by voting mainly republican. Governor Christie had a large say because those he pushed for, for the most part, won their election.

    During the segment I viewed, Ohio is going to make a huge difference in the upcoming presidential elections because they have changed parties and their electoral votes could change the overall party in office. It sent a huge message to Obama that the people of the United States are ready for change because that is what they voted for.

    The reporting was pretty good. On CBS, it was actually kind of bizarre to watch Katie Couric butcher the names of many of the candidates. She constantly slipped up speaking which goes to show how much pressure is on the journalists on election night.

    Mary Johnson

    November 3, 2010 at 7:25 pm

  46. Elizabeth Plaugic
    The recent midterm elections shows, in part, that the country is looking for a change. Republicans now have control of the house, and Democrats have control of the Senate, but with more Republicans than prior to the election.
    Obama, now that he is working with a GOP-controlled House, will have to work more closely with Republicans and accordingly, consider issues in a more bi-partisan manner. Many news reporters claim that this will be a positive thing for the Obama Administration, making the president’s re-election more probable. With a Republican House and a Democratic Senate, Congress members will be forced to compromise and work in a bi-partisan manner. Many Republicans elected have vowed to re-work or repeal certain Obama efforts, such as his healthcare policy.
    This election was an important one for NJ Governor Chris Christie, because many Republicans took seats in Congress previously controlled by Democrats. Many reporters have commented that this may improve Christie chance of running in the presidential election in 2012.
    Overall, this midterm election will affect citizens because party control of the House has shifted and some Obama policies will be re-worked or challenged. Healthcare and the economy are two issues that will probably be of the greatest importance to the Obama Administration in the next few years.

    Elizabeth Plaugic

    November 3, 2010 at 7:32 pm

  47. US House D-184 seats R-239 seats
    US Senate D-51 seats R-46 seats

    Obama must now reach across the aisle more and work with Republicans to make change. The task to get things done may be more difficult than before in some areas, which may be a good thing or a bad thing. With Jim Boehner as speaker of the house, congress will have a much more conservative agenda than Pelosi’s house.
    The voters said that they wanted change again this election. If things don’t look better by 2012, there may be some more calls for change in that election. Obama’s chances for 2012 are may be negatively or positively affected by this new congress.

    Aaron Mazie

    November 3, 2010 at 7:36 pm

  48. Karla Francisco

    The results of the 2010 election, as others have pointed out, were no shock. Personally, I am a little surprised by how drastic the turnover of the House was. I was expecting more of moderate shift. As it stands at this time, the Senate is still at a Democratic majority with 52 seats, 46 for Republicans. The House however, has shifted, with 239 seats held by Republicans and 185 going to Democrats.

    These changes reflect the discontent of the American public with the Obama administration. As president, Obama will most likely have much more difficulty producing the “change” he has promised since taking office two years ago, especially with half of Congress leaning heavily GOP and the other half just about even. As for Governor Christie, the election results may serve to validate his legitimacy as a big political force to be reckoned with, as several of the candidates he campaigned for were successfully elected. This election may even embolden him to perhaps run for the presidency in 2012, though he has claimed otherwise. In any case, his positive regard amongst the population of New Jersey will probably improve. And as for the American people, this shift in Congressional power has the potential to produce strong opposition and resentment from Democrats, which will only heighten the already overzealous political divide.

    I believe that what this country needs is a serious political upheaval. The results of the election have heavy implications. The American people are unhappy, but switching from one party to the other in a bipartisan system will not produce the needed change. I think the 2008 election proved this; after 8 years of Bush’s leadership, the American people put their trust in Obama, perhaps mainly because he is on the opposite end of the political spectrum. And now two years into his presidency, America has decided that this administration has not done enough. So we switch right back to the party we just rejected not too long ago? As absurd as it seems, I don’t believe it is the people’s fault. It seems that politicians are too concerned with villanizing each other and creating the divide that is now such a huge aspect of American politics. Partisan politics are ruining this nation. American politicians need to put aside petty allegiances and just work together to improve the state of the economy, our international relations, and the quality of life for all citizens.

    Karla Francisco

    November 3, 2010 at 7:38 pm

  49. I was surprised to see the Republicans take over the majority in the House, even though that is what was predicted by most analysts and people. I thought Americans would give Obama a little more time to deliver on the changes he promised. I think it’s going to make things much more difficult for Obama, especially since his approval rating has dropped dramatically since 2008. The republican agenda wants to cut government spending, which is the antithesis of Obama’s recently passed stimulus plan, and future plans. It will be interesting to see how this will effect the legislation that Obama will pass for the remainder of his term. Obama’s charisma is one of his best qualities and it will be interesting to see if he is able to compromise with Republicans, while maintaining his composure.

    I don’t believe much will change for Governor Chris Christie. He might have an easier time passing legislation since Republicans took over the House. Although, like Obama, Christie’s approval rating is much lower than it once was, and New Jersey is a very liberal state. Obama is portrayed in such a negative light in the press that it has led to a Republican victory. Nancy Pelusi will have to step down as Speaker of the House and will pass on the title to Republican John Boehner. She still remains a prominent force in the Democratic party. Democrats have lost power, and its going to create a gridlock between both party’s agendas. Obama will have veto power, but that could potentially contribute to the gridlock of legislation.

    This directly effects each and every American citizen because our economy is still in horrible condition. 10% of the country is unemployed and this constant, back and forth power struggle between Democrats and Republicans resulting in nothing getting accomplished is leaving Americans frustrated with both parties. Obama really needs to work in unison with Republicans in order to recover our country. Ultimately I hope this change in the balance of power forces both parties to have to strive to think of new and genuinely good ideas that benefit the tax paying American people, who have been so ridiculously taken advantage of by the government in recent years.

    Patrick Boyle

    November 3, 2010 at 7:38 pm

  50. I can’t help but admit that I’m extremely disappointed by the outcome of this midterm election. Although it’s not at all surprising that Republicans took control of the House, it is a little shocking that it was such a huge number, the biggest change in recent history. I’m frustrated over so many things about this election particularly the nonstop attacks on President Obama after we suffered through eight years of a president that put us in this position to begin with. After only two years in office, Obama has shown that he greatly cares about the American people and rushed to get some of the things done that he promised us in his campaign. As he stated in his speech this afternoon, perhaps the speed in which he took care of things left little time to change how things are done in Washington as he promised which made some citizens angry but he is aware of this. For weeks I’ve wanted to raise my hand in one of my journalism classes and ask why everyone seems to hate Obama so much suddenly. I can’t say I’m the most political person in the world but I am aware of things and I think he’s doing a decent job for someone that inherited some of the biggest problems our country has ever had to face, both economically at home and abroad. We needed someone we could trust and who was incredibly intelligent to come in and have the desire to fix what was going on. For some absurd reason, even his intelligence and education is held against him because it’s suddenly trendy to be “one of us”, a regular person who will go to Washington and teach them a lesson. I would prefer a Harvard educated, well spoken, well meaning person to represent my country over a regular, old joe any day. The way politics is seen as a circus spectacle, complete with colorful red/blue children’s maps is baffling to me. I’m immensely disappointed, not only with the results of this election but the country as a whole.

    To me, the current outcome means either nothing will get done or something will have to change in order to let some real work get done. Maybe I focus too much on the humanity of the situation but after seeing President Obama’s speech today and the sincerity in his voice and the deep hurt he seemed to be experiencing after getting slapped in the face with these results, I firmly believe that he will work even harder than he has been. I’m sure as a regular American citizen, I know very little about the real inner workings of the White House and what the president has to deal with on a daily basis. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to get anything done let alone all that Obama has been trying for over the past two years – on top of playing the nonsense political games back and forth with Republicans.

    As for New Jersey, I’m not surprised that Frank Pallone and Rush Holt won but disappointed by the John Runyon outcome. New Jersey has always seemed like a pretty Democratic state and it doesn’t seem like much will change here for right now. The governor who had been traveling frequently to campaign for the Republican party still seems in very good standing and the additional Republicans that are now in office will certainly help to make Chris Christie look good and show that his efforts are paying off. I just hope that there can be some kind of agreement between the new people coming into office and the ones who continue on in the House and Senate. I’m also hoping that with a Republican House majority, some of the blame will be taken off Obama when things continue to go poorly. People will see that it is not the president’s fault.

    Angelica Diamond

    November 3, 2010 at 7:41 pm

  51. I expected these results to an extent; however I think that the Democrats did better than expected. The fact that the Republican’s won the House will definitely effect the Obama administration, I personally think for the better. Obama promised a lot of things during his election that have not come true and the Republicans attacked this and used it as their theme; I think this, along with the presence of many new Republicans, will influence his decisions.
    However, I think that one of the only reasons that there was so much favoritism towards the Republicans was because everybody was fed up with Obama, the economy and the health care plan. I also think seeing his approval ratings down 51% was a wake-up call and we will not see this Republican enthusiasm in 2012.

    Rachel Wall

    November 3, 2010 at 7:41 pm

  52. Matthew Parris

    How will the results impact the future for the President? For the Governor? For Democratic and Republican parties — nationally and in New Jersey? For citizens?

    I think the results of the midterm elections are going to hurt the President’s policies he’s trying to enact like Obamacare. I think the republicans having majority in the house will keep him from getting what he wants and hopefully we can see both parties come to an agreement on issues like health care and education.
    Governor Christie must be pleased with the results because of the way the republicans gained the majority of the house and earned many seats back on the senate. If the next two years turn out to be prosperous for the state and country, I could definitely see Chris Christie becoming a candidate for the 2012 elections. Most of the candidates he backed during this election took office, so he should have a lot of support in 2012 if he chooses to run, and his policies help boost the economy here.
    The republicans who obviously earned a dominant win last night, their voice will be heard in the House more than ever. The republicans want an immediate freeze on tax increases to help support the middle class. The democrats lost big numbers last night and some of the issues that will be on the block soon will be the war, health care, education, and boosting economy. I think now is a great time to see if the parties can work together with our country in need, and both parties claim they are eager to unite and overcome our issues.

    Matthew Parris

    November 3, 2010 at 7:42 pm

  53. The midterm elections of 2010 have distinctly suggested a statement for change. The results of the midterm have conveyed the greatest rejection a president has received in almost 80 years. Obama needs to be aware of the Republican victory as a sign that Americans are not happy. The president now faces a huge struggle in regaining his popularity due to the results of the election and the impact it will have on his future and the 2012 presidential elections. Commentators around the world are saying that the results of the midterm were an incriminating indictment of Obama’s policies he has pursued for his first two years. Obama wants to keep the health care plan in place, which is something he should be worried about because many Republicans have made it clear that they want to repeal it and rework some of the issues. In order to make any progress both Republicans and Democrats need to come to some sort of agreement on their opposing views of many important issues, a compromise is needed in order for any change. The election results have had a positive impact on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and have promoted the acknowledgment of his success and credibility in political power, which gives him an advantage for his future. The results of the midterm election are a reflection of voter’s frustration with the economic downturn and suspiciousness in many quarters about the role of government and will have major implications for the direction of also foreign policy including where this region has played a role too. It will be interesting to see the changes that take place now due to these results and I also believe this is an opportunity for Obama to learn from his failures.

    Amanda Treacy

    November 3, 2010 at 7:43 pm

  54. Amanda Piccinich

    The results of the midterm elections will come as a shock to some people, but others may have seen it coming. These results show that citizens have been disappointed with both parties. While the Republicans faced enormous victories for their party, there is no question that most people have given up on politics. In order to satisfy the citizens of the United States, both parties must work hard in order to keep their people happy. Citizens have been hurt by the economy, taxes, etc. the past few years, and the results of these elections show they need something new that will make this country whole again. All this means for the citizens is that they will have to wait and see if this election will finally bring the change they’ve been wanting, that boost of hope that our country will be back on top again and our economy will rise.

    With the Democrats losing so many seats in the House, this creates new challenges for Barack Obama. In states where he won by so many votes just two years ago, have flip-flopped and voted Republican in last night’s elections, showing that the “change” they expected to see from Obama has not happened yet. Obama is going to have to develop relationships with the Republican party and may have to change some of the policies and ideas he has been working on. “Compromise” will be the new word Obama will have to work on, as long as the Republicans have a majority of the House.

    As for Governor Christie, the Republican wins prove to be a huge victory for him. Because of the results of the election, Christie will have more power and support in his decisions due to the fact that most of the people he campaigned for won. This should also give him more confidence if he does decide to run for presidency in 2012.

    In my eyes, people have lost faith in both the Republican and American parties. When Bush was in power, citizens forced the Republicans out after the eight year demise of our country. Expecting the “change” to come, Democrats were back in power. Now after the midterm elections, the Republicans once again have majority in the House. What this shows is that voters have flip-flopped back and forth due to the changes they expected and didn’t receive. Each party must take action and make significant moves if they plan on making these citizens happen. Both parties are facing a loss of hope from their voters, and unless there is a huge change for the better that the citizens have wanted, both parties will continue flip-flopping in power.

    Amanda Piccinich

    November 3, 2010 at 7:46 pm

  55. Kiera Abdur-Rahman

    The future of the President is looking very grim. This was previously discussed on Democracy Now! about the fact that Obama was already having a hard time getting policies passed and thorougly looked at due to the apprehensions of politicians in the House and Senate. Without any kind of backing beforehand it will only get worse for the Obama Administration.GOP did a sweep throughout the nation which was the first step in getting control again. So everything will shift in terms of challenging Obama’s policies.

    But also the rise of the Tea Party has consumed the attention of the nation. After Obama was elected President and beforehand racist undertones have now become overt. This really shouldn’t be a surprise with a country such as America that prospered on the back of racism. But it can be scary when the country is in an economic crisis and people begin to look for scapegoats. Hate rhetoric has fired up the followers of the Tea Party and also the Republicans who are standing behind this movement under the false pretense that they are taking up for the working man.

    The future for the citizens throughout America will either stay the same or get worse. Many people keep on dismissing the Tea Party’s racism as ignorance, but what happens when one day they are in charge of the country? So while the campaign and subsequent victory of Obama bought about a false sense of change. This Midterm Election bought about a brief glimpse into America’s love affair with racism.

    Kiera Abdur-Rahman

    November 3, 2010 at 7:50 pm

  56. Brett Siegel

    The results of yesterday’s elections are going to be extremely interesting for President Obama’s second half of his first term. With a much smaller margin of power in the Senate and a complete loss of power in the House, the President and Democratic Party has a huge uphill battle to accomplish both what they set out to do with the policy created in the first half of the term (such as implementation of the Health Care Bill, final and complete restructuring of the economic market, and progression of social reform) and creating new policy. If the Democrats decide to compromise a little more (unlike the Republicans), then more policy will perhaps be able to be passed, however not in the way that the President truly wanted it to. This will only be the case however, if the Democrats compromise which seems unlikely since they were shut down so much by the Republicans.
    The changes that the Governor will experience are somewhat minimal compared to the large scale national alterations. There was only one change in who held a seat as a New Jersey representative in the House. Other than that, the Governor will simply reap some of the benefits of a Republican takeover. He may get some more federal funding or leniency to spend, but besides that, he will simply be able to align himself with a more powerful Republican party if he wishes to run for re-election or some other political position.
    As for the parties, the Republicans can use this foothold to possibly take control of the White House in 2012. In the meantime however, if they concede certain things to the Democrats, they might be able to pass more bills through Congress themselves, especially with the House majority. The Democrats have to also learn to accept Republican stubbornness if they want to accomplish anything. By allowing the Republicans to pass certain bills, perhaps they will get more leniencies in some of the issues that they wish to address. With a more balanced Congress, both parties are going to have to work together if they want any of the bills passed the previous two years to work efficiently and effectively.
    The citizens are simply going to have to sit back and watch how the next two years unfold. Obama was given a lot of heat for not getting as much done as he promised during his campaign. These next two years will serve as a serious determining factor as to whether he will be remembered as an effective President or as a fluke. The population spoke about their disapproval of the Democratic Party by voting in more Republicans. Now, they will be able to see how both parties react when they are forced to work together, probably shaping the way that the voters will swing in the 2012 Presidential election.

    Brett Siegel

    November 3, 2010 at 7:57 pm

  57. Michael Conti

    The country made a big statement last night. Just as it did in the Presidential election of 2008. The “Shellacking” as president Obama put it, of the Republicans on the Democrats was what I and many others predicted to happen. It just makes me realize how much of a mess this country is really in. Two years ago the country was sick of Republican’s policies and wanted a change. So the Democrats got two years. I can already see what’s coming in the future. The democrats will say that they only had two years to fix eight years of malpractice. However, its pretty evident that Obama’s policies only made the problems worse, and that’s what this election was, it was a reflection of the president. Too much spending, and not enough results. The GOP candidates have ran over the Democrats just like Obama did to McCain in 08′. Governor Christie must be thrilled with the results seeing as how he campaigned for many other candidates that won their elections, and it’s definitely a very positive thing if he ever does change his mind about running in 2012.
    The president will be affected immensely by these results, and he knows it. He has said things like, “I know we can compromise, and try to find the best ideas together” and “I believe we can work together,” things of that nature. However, I feel he pretty much has to say that, but he knows what happened. His policies are going to be forced to be changed as well as the direction the country is headed. There will be less federal government involvement and less government spending for sure. Less government spending leads to more Investment and consumption economically. We will see if the invisible hand will do its job. We’re probably going to see some tax cuts try to be implemented as well. However, it’s the president that needs to come up with these policies, so it could be quite difficult to get anything done at all. He will have lots of trouble passing anything along the lines of what he already has, but it is also highly unlikely that he will turn into a Republican.
    Divided we stand, is more like it. The direction of this country is very discomforting. It will interesting, to say the least, to see how the white house will attempt to get anything done at all in the next two years. As Obama put it himself, “We are stuck in neutral,” and I don’t see how we could get to even first gear, within the next two years, but I hope I am proven wrong.

    Michael Conti

    November 3, 2010 at 7:57 pm

  58. For the President, Tuesday’s election proved to be a real wake-up call,something he openly admitted in his press conference today. The future for Obama won’t be as clearly paved as it was after the 2008 election, where there were sweeping Democratic victories. Two years ago the outlook for the Democrats was bright, it was possible for them to get whatever policies and legislation they wanted pushed through due to their overwhelming majority. However now the power has flip-flopped, and both the President and the entire Democratic Party will have to work harder to get their agenda across. It is not an impossible task however for a President to get his legislation through even when he is facing a Congress with an opposing majority party. It’s been done by President’s like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Obama will just have to delegate more efficiently, use his power of persuasion better and try to focus on the most realistic goals for the future of the nation.

    The Republicans have a real chance here to bring their ideas to the table and prove to the nation that they can transform everything they’ve been campaigning against for the last two years.
    The American people voiced their unhappiness with the once Democratic run federal government by electing more GOP, Tea Party, and Independent candidates. This pushed out many Democratic incumbents, including the overly demonized Speaker of the House, Sara Pelosi.

    Yet U.S. citizens shouldn’t expect a drastic change to come over night. While the House now has an overwhelmingly Republican majority, the Senate is still run by the Democrats even if it is by only a small margin. Getting legislation through the House will not prove to be hard for the Republicans, but in the Senate there will be a split. Also, the President still has pull with the nation; if Obama can work on portraying a more positive influence on the American people he may be able to get his ideas across more effectively. Looking closer to home, the Governor and people of New Jersey will not being seeing much change in their everyday lives. Although, in the controversial House race for New Jersey’s 3rd district, newcomer Republican Jon Runyan beat the Democratic incumbent John Adler. This is a real “burn” to Democrats in New Jersey, and it should be interesting to follow this and see how things will unfold during the next two years. To put it in perspective, the predictions that Republicans would take a sweeping victory in this year’s midterm election was accurate; yet there are still some areas where the Democrats retain power. The next few years should be an exciting time in American politics and hopefully a time for revitalization in the withering economy.

    Claire Reddan

    November 3, 2010 at 7:57 pm

  59. Patrick Sweeney

    In his post-election speech, Obama talked about how there will have to be more compromises between the Republicans and Democrats, however, I do not believe this will be the case. When Obama was elected President, he called for bipartisanship and talked about his willingness to compromise but that was not the case in his first 2 years as President. I exect Obama to stick to his agendas despite the resent from the now republican house.

    I think that the Republicans need to merge the traditional conservative views with those of the Tea Party. However this merge cannot be extremely far right because there will end up being a split in the republican party which can lead to problems in 2012.

    The democrats need to realize that this election turned out the way it did because the country was not happy with our government during Obama’s first 2 years with a democratic house and senate. I feel like in order for the democrats to get anything done over the next couple of years is by making compromises.

    I think that Governor Christie has been strengthened by this election because some of the governors he was campaigning for won their elections. Christie is already a popular governor on the national level because he is making bold moves in a traditionally liberal state.

    Pat Sweeney

    November 3, 2010 at 7:58 pm

  60. The results will bring an interesting view for the country. Since the Republicans have won the house, they will have to learn to work with the Democrats. For the governor, the results will work well because Christie is a Republican himself. This will help Christie push his opinion and give Christie a much better reputation because the Democrats are not boding well in the Office right now.
    These results will affect Obama because now he will have to try harder to get a pull from the House since the House is dominated by Republicans. Obama and the House will have to work together to create strides in Washington DC. Obama might have to get a better pull to avoid a Republican candidate in 2012.

    Parth Sahai

    November 3, 2010 at 8:00 pm

  61. How will the results impact the future for the President? For the Governor? For Democratic and Republican parties — nationally and in New Jersey? For citizens?

    The outcome of this election cycle doesn’t really change the story for Obama that much. Losing the House may actually help strengthen the unity of the Democrats in the Senate. This would help drive more of Obama’s policies through the Senate, which has been hampered by the inability to push his influence through both Democratic (now formerly) controlled houses. Political gridlock most likely occurred because of the control of both houses of Congress. In the end the loss of the House could prove beneficial to Obama in the next two years.

    For Christie the way that New Jersey voted in the House most certainly gives him promise for a national platform. New Jersey is a pretty blue state but it was voting rather red for this election cycle. While Democrats maintained around half of the state’s districts, it should hearten Christie to find more populated areas under Republican control for the next two years.

    This cycle should be somewhat of a concern for the Democrats. There was no reason for them to lose such a large grasp of New Jersey. For the Republicans this should re-energize them in NJ. When it comes to the 2012 Presidential election they should look to wrest control of New Jersey from the Democrats if voters continue to vote the way they did this cycle.

    Citizens may have been hurt by the outcome of the election. It’s not to say that Republican leadership won’t improve the nation’s standpoint. Rather it’s who was elected nationally. The largest problem comes from Kentucky where public education hater Rand Paul won his race. The nation could find itself hurt, rather than helped, if it continues to vote in candidates of questionable policies.

    Scott Kessler

    November 3, 2010 at 8:01 pm

  62. Dana Cimera

    A Republican House of Representatives hurts Obama, he will have a considerably harder time in trying to pass any of his bills, especially regarding health care. The Senate is basically split, with the Democratic majority, which does help him, but not has must as the House is hurting him.

    The Governor is likely to be pleased, since not only is he now one of many Republican Governors, he also may have intentions to run in the next presidential election
    The Democratic party may now become aware of some of the flaws within their own party and fix them for the upcoming presidential election in order to keep Obama in office, which as of now may not be the case.
    The Republican party has shown a major dominance throughout the state of New Jersey and throughout the country. It also sends a message to the Tea Party that they will not be as successful as they have expected to be. It is now the turn of the Republican, if they can, to prevail and take action into their own hands.
    Citizens have clearly displayed their opinions through the votes, many Democrats voted Republican, which is a pretty rare occurrence.

    Dana Cimera

    November 3, 2010 at 8:22 pm

  63. Patrick Bowman

    Election night played out sort of how I thought it would, with the Republicans taking over the house and the Democrats retaining the majority in the senate. I believe this is going to have a large impact on future politics in the United States. While I don’t believe the Republicans gaining majority in the house will be terrible, I do believe that some people of questionable character were elected and that could be a problem.
    This could impact the Presidential election of 2012 because if President Obama doesn’t start putting some policies into action than there could be more civil unrest and demand for a new leader. The Republican voice is going to be heard more now than it had been previously during Obama’s presidency. This could actually play in his favor because now Republicans can’t complain that the entire nation is being run by the Democrats, since the Republicans have the House. Another impact I believe we will see play out is some of the possible candidates for the Republican presidential ticket are going to start becoming more clear.
    I believe citizens actually benefited from these elections. Now there is a more even front with a 2-1 split instead of Democrats having all the control. Also now more voices will be heard and ultimately there will be less complaining and battling for control.

    Patrick Bowman

    November 3, 2010 at 8:24 pm

  64. The outcome of this election was different than I had anticipated, literally, quite opposite. Whereas it makes sense that the Republicans would win out the House, the few seats short from winning the Senate was crucial. In reality, I would have wanted a complete takeover, and re-hauling of everything that has been done since Obama has been president since I am so dissatisfied with his job since being in office.
    Many people are not happy with the outcome because now Congress is split. The fact is that not everyone is going to be happy with the result because no two people are alike. Yes, this can be troublesome for us since there is such a great divide between the two parties, but since the numbers are so close in the split, possibly the two will decide together (but probably not since the Dems have been trying to sweep all of these legislations through the door while they were in power).
    New Jersey winning a statewide Republican victory can prove to be beneficial for the state. Since taxes have been going up and each year more and more people pay more money, why not change how things are done and see how the other side fairs? Christie will truly set out to do what he wants to now that he has support in Washington. He wants to cut spending and end the wasteful money that is flushed down the toilet, so maybe now we will actually see that done.

    Nicholas Griffith

    November 3, 2010 at 8:26 pm

  65. With what happened last night during the elections the GOP gained a lot from the results. They gained many seats in both the senate and the house. Obama will have many problems now trying to get bills passed especially his big agendas. This also helps the presidency chances for the republicans showing how the american people already want change in government. Obama’s chances of reelection definitely took a hit and the democrats should really think about finding someone else to be put on the ticket for the next election.
    The election results in NJ showed that the republicans are holding strong right now in the state. Christie will still be able to get his agendas approved and try to better NJ. Republicans throughout the whole country are gaining support and it is really showing in these elections. This is my analysis from these election results.

    Gerald Elsing

    November 3, 2010 at 8:33 pm

  66. The election results will impact the President in various ways. The results have already affected Obama which was seen in his address to the nation today. Now that the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, Obama will most likely struggle a lot more to get legislations passed. As a government, Obama and the Democrats will be challenged in working together with the Republicans. They will have to learn to compromise on certain issues although I do not foresee that happening so easily. Clearly Obama was open about how having the Republicans win was definitely not the ideal situation for him, as he stated in his address on losing the house “I feel bad.” I think this is the proper reaction especially since the results of the election are a setback for the President. The results were a statement against Obama.

    As for Governor Chris Christie, he will probably utilize the results of the election to his utmost benefit. As a Republican Governor, he may have more say now in the GOP. He will be able to communicate to people in his party and work together on issues they agree on. Whereas beforehand I am sure it was much more difficult to talk about issues amongst a house full of Democrats. In the long run, this election may enable him to have a better chance of running for President in 2012. For the New Jersey citizens this may have an effect on what Governor Chris Christie is able to do for us as a state. Now, he may be able to get legislation passed that would be of benefit to the people of New Jersey that he may not have been able to do as easily before the Republicans won the House. The only major result for New Jersey of the elections was the upset of Jon Runyan beating John Adler. This looks good for Christie as well, since he helped endorse Runyan.
    Overall, the results of the Midterm elections will affect all American citizens whether good or bad. However, unfortunately it will most likely bring negative results. National issues that will need to be resolved will be more difficult to work through with the opposing sides butting heads. The only way issues will be resolved is if the parties learn to work together through key issues, such as the number one issue, the economy. For the American citizens I do not think much will end up changing because the politicians will not be able to find common ground. But who knows, maybe for once the Senate and House of Representative will surprise us all!

    Esther Rothman

    November 3, 2010 at 9:12 pm

  67. When Barack Obama was elected President he promised changed to this country. Tuesday night voters made a drastic change in our nation. In anger and frustration of our countries recent events voters voted Democrats out of office from coast to coast and destroyed there presence in the house as well as minimizing their strength in the senate. The vote changed the flow of power in Washington and showed that this country already wants change. Obama’s chances of re-election definitely took a hit to this election as well as the Democratic party nationally. I believe last night was a major step in moving our nation forward towards the right direction.

    Evan Pimentel

    November 3, 2010 at 9:13 pm

  68. The results of the election will definitely impact the future for the President. When watching the news coverage yesterday, it was clear that voters were voting for Republicans in direct opposition of Obama. Unless there is a huge change in the next two years, Obama seems to be out of luck. If voters back him and wait for his him to have some kind of success, he could prosper but the likelihood of that is minimal. People want results and change and are will to support Republicans because they are not seeing it from Democrats. I think that this has certainly put the Republicans at an advantage.

    As for Governor Chris Christie, he seems to be at the greatest advantage. He had major successes as governor and with Republican support, it seems easy to predict more success from him. As citizens I believe that mostly everyone is concerned with the economy. Until improvement is made, I believe that is when citizens will be satisfied and maybe even instill more confidence in our leaders. If Democrats and Republicans can work together, I believe more beneficial changes can be made.

    Jena WIlson

    November 3, 2010 at 10:19 pm

  69. Amna Qureshi

    I feel that the results of the election went the way most people projected. The house takeover by the republicans was a bit larger than was expected, however I think most people were expecting the GOP to take over the house. I feel overall this election was a large victory for the republicans, even though democrats kept control of the house. Many voters are frustrated with the lack of change that Obama is producing, which is why republicans were able to win by a landslide. I feel that having a republican majority will create controversy for both the president and democratic party. All parties will be forced to compromise, which will not be an easy task. Some major issues the parties will have to compromise on are government spending, taxes, and health care. The two parties have strong views on all these issues, both which will have to be compromised. I feel that this victory for the republicans will also help them in the 2012 elections. If republicans are able to produce a change that people want to see, it will be very beneficial to them in the next election. However, if changes are made for the worse this will hurt the republicans.
    As for Governor Christie, the results were victorious. Of the 16 candidates Christie campaigned for, 11 won while only 5 lost. The republican victories in New Jersey topped off Christie’s victories. This shows the great amount of political skill Christie has. As a rookie governor, Christie has created an esteemed name for himself. I feel that if he ever does decided to run for president he will have an even better chance of winning after these election results than was thought of before.

    Amna Qureshi

    November 3, 2010 at 10:20 pm

  70. Lauren Choinski

    I think that this election was very predictable. Did we really think Obama was going to have it easy? He’s going to have to learn how to work together with different parties. Since the house is made up of Republicans, Obama is going to certainly be challenged throughout the run of his presidency. I do not believe he is going to bring the change our country needs now since he has so many oppositions.

    It is interesting that the same thing happened to the officials in my hometown of North Arlington. Democrat Mayor Massa was reelected but the council is entirely Republican. So this is going to be a trip to watch any change happen.

    Our state governor is going to have a better chance of having a say than our president because Christie is a Republican. Perhaps it will bring better things for NJ but I don’t suppose I’ll get my hopes up. Politics are going to be kicked into full swing and Christie will do what benefits him. I worry for our country because of the crooks that run it and now we have an even larger problem: opposing views being forced to work together to solve a national issue. Good luck America. I’m moving out.

    Lauren Choinski

    November 3, 2010 at 10:21 pm

  71. Michele Moreno

    Your analysis of the election results, using these questions as guidelines:

    I think that the results of the election have left the President in the same situation he was before the election. Its obvious that America is very divided, and I think its really going to come down to whether the person running against him next term can compete with him in charisma. There is no doubt that there is much disappointment among the Democratic party, and they suffered a blow last night, but I do believe that the democrats will come out to vote at the end of the day if Obama can restore the hope in people that won him the election.

    I think Chris Christie is very pleased with the outcomes of the election. For him, more Republican support among the House means a greater chance that the things he wants to accomplish will get done. He is part of a majority now and numbers can accomplish great things. With the help of the republican house majority, Christie can get his plans done and it will reflect very well on him because he’ll be keeping up with everything he promised.
    For Democratic and Republican parties — nationally and in New Jersey?
    I think this election has given the Republican party the confidence and momentum they needed to rally for the next presidential race. All over the country republicans are coming out to vote and say they are not happy with the democratic majority that our country has been under the last few years. It means only good things for the Republicans, especially in NJ where Chris Christie is governing us. As for the Democrats I think this is a wake up call, and they have a tough fight ahead of them. They are going to need to pick up the slack and go head to head with the Republican party to prove that they still have influence.

    As for the citizens, this is just another change in tides that they have been experiencing over time. People are used to the changes from democrat to republican back to democrat and then back to republican. I think that this election has gotten a lot of press and hopefully it inspired some citizens who don’t normally show interest, to go out and learn about candidates and vote. Thats the only way they can make their voice heard. For the republican citizens this election has restored the confidence they needed, and for democratic citizens it is a wake up call to get out there and vote if you want to see the democrats regain majority.

    Michele Moreno

    November 3, 2010 at 11:20 pm

  72. Scott Sincoff-Response 2

    This is in addition to my previous response:

    I think that this mid-term election will help our country’s administration realize that the voters that are being represented, want a government that acts on behalf of them. I believe that the Republican take-over of the House could help Obama’s administration adhere to a more neutral compromise on issues that will benefit the American people. I think that the short-comings of the Tea Party will let people on Capitol Hill as well as in everyday America start thinking about what is actually going to make our country better with a more neutral government on issues with a stable economy and lower unemployment rates.

    I think Christie and New Jersey will actually benefit from a Republican-controlled House of Representatives. Although New Jersey is still slimly Democratically controlled (7 Dem. seats and 6 GOP seats), I believe that this will let New Jersey have a more balanced perspective on issues and in the long run, and will eventually bring money back to the state to help fund education and to help stabilize the economy and state budget. Christie will benefit from this because as a major Republican figure during the mid-term elections, this will give him a boost of morale to possibly run for the Presidency in 2012.

    Scott Sincoff

    November 4, 2010 at 12:09 am

  73. Brian Letts
    I think that the results of the election have a lot of implications in the future, especially for the Presidency in 2012. The tide has turned for the country politically speaking, Republicans have gotten enough seats back in both the house and senate to make it difficult for the Democrats to get a lot done in the next 2 years. This means that the country will go back to the divided partisan that we had during the last few years of the Bush Administration.

    This will also have a lot of implications for Democrats and Republicans. Because of the lack of progress in the country the same kind of resentment that built for republicans during the Bush administration. Also due to this, the Republicans will have the same type of “change” campaigns that the Democrats were able to run on in the past few years.

    For New Jersey this means more of a love affair with Chris Chritie, which hopefully will also continue on the national level as well, because he is already on a roll with the whole “change” thing. He has already shaken things up in NJ and going forward he will be able to ride this wave onto the national scene, most likely in 2016.

    Brian Letts

    November 4, 2010 at 1:05 am

  74. Sorry this is late, I literally just got back from work and this is the first free time I’ve had since this morning.

    I think that the biggest impact of the election is that President Obama now know that that nation really is unhappy with the direction that he was taking the county. It’s not so much an acceptance of the Republican Party as much as it is an outright rejection of the extreme leftist ideologies that have been forced on the nation by the current administration. The American people are not happy at all with the fact that it seems as though their wishes have been ignored, especially when it comes to issues like healthcare, and that the economy is still in shambles. This election is a message to the democrats that if they don’t get their act together, they will be replaced in the next election.

    I think the overall biggest impact of this election will be that the Obama administration will now have to begin acting significantly more bipartisan, because the American Public has outright rejected the leftist agenda of the administration. I think the first thing we will see is a repeal of the Healthcare bill, as that was one of the platforms that got a number of these Republicans elected. The Republicans will force the Administration to make changes to a number of the radical bills that passed under Democratic control, and we can expect to see a significant change in the centrist nature of laws that will become to be passed.

    Joe Alvaro

    November 4, 2010 at 1:54 am

  75. Morgan Sun

    I believe the elections really complicates our government and president Obama in particular. Now that the republicans control the House of Representatives, many feel Obama may begin to move more towards the center in terms of his goals. I hope he is able to work with the republicans to come to compromises and pass some important bills. Many fear the two sides will eventually be at odds and gridlock the nation. An example would be the heated disagreement between Ohio Representative John Boehner and president Obama. Boehner who is presumed to become the House’s speaker has openly committed to reducing Obama’s health care reform as well as other bills.

    The big story in New Jersey is the victory of Jon Runyan. I’m not surprised he won, especially after the story involving Adler and the phony independent candidate was revealed. In terms of New Jersey’s future, I feel Christie has been doing a better job than I expected. And now that the GOP controls the House, who knows what changes may come to New Jersey. Hopefully improvements are on the horizon, and not empty promises of change.


    November 4, 2010 at 2:02 am

  76. Martha Lanzara

    The results of the 2010 elections left the Republicans in charge for the house and the Democrats with slight victory over the Republicans in the Senate. Overall, I think this will have a large impact for the future of our president. Laws will now no longer be as easily passed and with how our country has been in this economic slump, this may be a positive thing. I believe that it is time for a change and since our president has been in office for over two years and little change has been made, it is now giving the Republican party a chance to lead america out of this turmoil.
    I believe our governor, Chris Christie is very pleased with the outcome of this. Now that the Republican party has more control in the house, his plans will now have a chance to be heard. Although New Jersey tends to be a Democratic state, I believe that Christie will do good things for our state and in the end both parties will be pleased with the outcome of his decisions.
    Overall, I believe this is a positive change for our nation. It is more balanced by allowing both parties to have control in either the house or the senate. Total dominance in both can lead to bad decisions that may only benefit the one party. This way, both parties will be pleased and both will have an equal advantage.

    Martha Lanzara

    November 4, 2010 at 8:39 am

  77. Dennis Beardsley

    The election showed about the only time that politics can be properly predicted. It was understood that the republicans would take the house, just like the republicans retook the house after Clinton’s first two years and the same for other presidents in power. It was universally accepted by democrats and republicans, the democrats strategy was too at least keep the senate.
    The fact that republicans now control the house is not a very productive one. Unless something changes for the greater good (like it should), whenever republicans introduce a bill, Obama will shoot it down. Whenever Obama has an idea, the republicans are going to shoot it down. It is going to be exactly the same as before, with nothing getting done without the pure force of the President. Nobody works together in the government because of party affiliation and downright selfishness and it is disheartening that the government is like this.
    I think that Jersey can benefit from these results as the republicans increase in power leads to more uniformity in the New Jersey government. Like minds can work together, so I assume that Governor Christie is pleased with the results.

    Dennis Beardsley

    November 4, 2010 at 11:14 am

  78. Anna Solin

    Although the President appears to be upset by the outcome of the election, I believe this was to be expected. The Republicans were expected to gain the majority in the House, but the Democrats still held on to the Senate. I believe that, although both parties have said that they want to work together to continue reform, but I have a hard time believing that both parties can compromise on health care (which the Republicans will surely attempt to repeal the law).

    I think from now on it will be difficult for President Obama to get anything through Congress. Even with concessions to his legislation will be tough, because neither party would want to give up anything. Even though this may seem like an unpleasant situation for Obama, I believe, ultimately, that it will help him in his bid for the Presidency in 2012. If Congress fails to pass anything noteworthy and popular, it will make the Republicans look like they have not performed. Also, if nothing can get passed, no Republican (besides maybe John Boehner) will be able to come across as the leader of the Republican Party, which will make it easier for Obama to win the election.

    As for New Jersey, I do not think this election had a huge impact on the state. Runyan was the only major change, and District 3 where he ran had been Republican for a long time before Adler had taken his seat only one term ago. I don’t think this really affects the Governor because his term is up in 2013, and by that time, there will have been another election, and the tides could have changed again. That election would affect our Governor more than this one, especially if he decides he wants to run for President.

    Anna Solin

    November 4, 2010 at 1:25 pm

  79. The results of the election is what I expected. I thought that the Republican party would start to take over again after so many people have given up on Obama after the past two years. Obama was disappointed by the results and this is something that is not surprising.

    I think that the win by the Republican party will make things more difficult for Obama when it comes to passing bills. I do not think that the election will overall have a huge effect on the state of New Jersey at the moment.

    This is a positive change for our nation. It is more balanced and fair to allow both parties to have control in either the house or the senate. Total dominance in both the house and senate can lead to bad decisions that may only benefit the one party.

    Meghan Moore

    November 4, 2010 at 2:40 pm

  80. After seeing the results of this past Election Day, the future looks very promising for the Republican party. They have taken control of the House of Representatives and have a very good number in the Senate. This will be problematic for the President especially. With a large number of Republicans holding congressional positions, there will be much polarity in the Government and many debates over issues will result. This could also factor into the 2012 Presidential Election. The Republican Party gained strength this past position especially with President Obama’s ratings dwindling.

    Governor Christie who is Republican no doubt was a winner in this election because with more Republicans in office, he will be able to put more policies into effect due to more support. Citizens will have to put up with many polices having trouble going through Congress due to split control in the two Houses. Republicans will definitely consider this a big win for the day and will enjoy their power in government.

    Andrew Ghilino

    November 4, 2010 at 3:04 pm

  81. After seeing the results, and the conference held by Obama Wednesday afternoon, I realized that my analysis on the election itself relies heavily on what’s to come next. After hearing Obama’s plan, I learned that Obama does not want to blur the distinction between parties despite the newly elected Republicans into House, but rather use both parties’ perspectives. The result of the midterm elections have left the Republicans as the he majority in the House with 60 additional seats. Democrats are still dominant in the Senate, but I feel the shift in the political landscape will affect the next two years, though no drastically. Though many voters question whether President Obama’s presidency is on the line considering the new control, I think there is still a shot at having a successful end to his term because although his Stimulus plan has not made much progress as as anticipated there is still hope for the future. After I learned of
    President’s senior adviser, David Axelrod, statement of the midterm suggesting a bipartisanship, I thought it was great. Although Obama was not around for the midterm elections, after he held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to develop an agenda working with both parties to come to a solution for the welfare of the American public, I had hope of the Republicans and Democrats working together towards a common goal.

    Gisella Gutierrez

    November 4, 2010 at 7:55 pm

  82. Devlina Roy

    These midterm elections most certainly put President Obama in quite the predicament. It served as a wake-up call for him because according to CNN, his disapproval rating was 51%, which means he really needs to pick up the pass as far as his leadership goes because the next two years are not going to be easy. The divided congress is now something Obama has to deal with since Democrats remain in control of the Senate and the Republicans took the house.
    The most watched race in New Jersey was that between Republican, Jon Runyan, and Democrat, John Adler. Usually, Democrats remained in power in the state of New Jersey, surprisingly, Runyan won this one. Governor Christie was very supportive during his celebrating but now things are much different since this state mostly voted Democrat, this makes things a little bit harder to deal with for not only him but also President Obama.
    One of the main problems with this midterm election was definitely the economy. Most U.S. citizens have been putting up with being jobless and have had quite enough, and for this reason, they want to better the economy as quickly as possibly. The past two years have been tough for America and because the Republicans have made their point, we must now all work together to bring everything back in order.
    I believe that this split congress could possibly be a not so bad thing for U.S. citizens because since the Democrats and Republicans are going to have to put some of their differences aside and work together, things might actually clear up since they have to work efficiently to make sure the U.S. population is adequately and fairly treated. Even though it will be a lot harder to come to conclusions and make decisions, we can somewhat rest easy knowing that at least both sides will be heard and accounted for. This split will make the Democrats strive to work harder so they can make sure that their people remain in control, and on the other side it will make the Republicans work just as hard so they can once again regain the control they lost.

    Devlina Roy

    November 4, 2010 at 8:37 pm

  83. The results of the 2010 Midterm Elections indicate a major shift in the political climate of America. Instead of the Democrats having control of both the Senate and the House, Republicans have officially gained control of the House. The major results centered on the US Senate and House of representatives. Two senators represent the Senate, which continues to be run by Democrats, from each state. The Democrats won with 52 seats. 435 legislative seats determine the House of Representatives, with Republicans winning with 239 seats. The Tea Party had some significant gains with Ran Paul winning for the state of Kentucky by 56%. This illustrates the conservative tide of America, with many Americans completely dissatisfied with government policy and results. Americans are displeased with what they perceive to be Barack Obama’s lack of change. His stimulus package, the health care reform bill, and the nations debt have all inherently placed the Republicans in a position of power.
    People have been disenfranchised by the left and seduced by the right. Because of this shift, Obama will have a much harder time putting his laws into practice. This is a great time for Republicans who have been eager to stop Obama’s agenda- the health care bill will be vetoed. Democrats will receive a significant loss by the results because they couldn’t get anything done with a huge majority in both houses. The odd of Republicans voting with them on important issues is slim because there is such animosity between both groups. Although the Republicans made many strides, the State of New Jersey has remained Democratic, even with Governor Christie is benefiting from the success of several Republicans. He has gained a lot of notoriety that may or may not lead to his campaign for the 2012 presidency. Republicans must now feel the pressure to produce results.

    Tika Prospere

    November 5, 2010 at 2:31 am

  84. The results of the election were as expected. Republicans won the House 239 to 183 and Democrats w on the Senate 51 to 47, this means a change for the country as a whole. Obama will need to make some changes if he wants to keep his health care plan in tact. However, I don’t think new jersey will be effected very vastly by this at the moment. However Governor Christie is obviously a winner in this election, he will be more supported in his ventures. This does mean that laws won’t be passed as easily and for these rough economic times that could be a good thing.

    While this election was an upset for the Democratic party, hopefully Obama can rally and get the Democrats out to vote still but now he will have to learn to compromise with other parties rather than having all the control all the time. Overall I think this is a positive change for our country, with one party running both the house and the senate it creates an unfair bias, this way both parties can be fairly represented in one way or another.

    Lindsay Czajka

    November 7, 2010 at 8:19 am

  85. Blaine Schoen

    The results from the midterm elections showed that many are dissatisfied with the progress that President Obama and the Democrats have made over the past two years and want change, as seen with the Republicans winning control of the House of Representatives.

    Since the Republicans have control of the House, and the Democrates hold more seats in the Senate, there is a divide, and it would be most beneficial for the two parties to work together in a cohesive manner in order to get the best things done for the country. Compromising on certain issues would be the best situation, but the parties might just go in circles because they are set in their ways.

    The results are what people had expected to happen. President Obama needs to realize that his approval ratings have dropped over the past two years and that he has the next two years to fix current problems, especially concerning the economy, and to enact the ‘change’ that has been said all along.

    Since the Republicans won the House of Representatives, it makes them look better for the 2012 elections. Even Govenor Christie of New Jersey benefits from this because many of the Republican candidates that he supported won on election night, which makes him look good.

    From the results of this election, the Republicans have a good chance of winning the presidency in 2012. But, then again, since Congress is split, each political party will have to work equally hard for both the 2012 elections, and to have their way currently. The most important thing right now is for there to be compromise to make for a positive change in the country.

    Blaine Schoen

    November 7, 2010 at 4:26 pm

  86. I think the results of the election will make Obama’s job certainly more difficult. He now does not have a near super-majority so getting through his agenda will be much harder. However, this may be for the best, because it forces both sides to work with each other. Hopefully they will, instead of just simply trying to vote against each other, which is unfortunately a big possibility.

    I believe this strengthens the govenors position, because now it is not as unpopular to be a Republican in our nation. The Bush administration made the party very unpopular and now it is not viewed in as a bad light. This means that his job should be easier, especially since the state is not as far to the left as it once was. Once again, hopefully this will increase bipartisanship as well.

    As stated before, this will strengthen the Republican party because it is now not as risque to be a member of said party. On the other hand, it weakens the Democrats, because they basically ran on the platform of change. That Republicans are bad, and have screwed up the country, and they would fix that. The nation now sees that they are just as bad, so they must now regroup and get their things together.

    This should be good for citizens. People are finally starting to become more politically aware, and are starting to hold politicans more accountable. Some long-time incumbents were voted out, and people need to continue this trend. If an officeholder is not doing a good job, they must be taken out. Only then will our nation improve. So hopefully, this election will lead to a more politically-active population

    Thomas Mendez

    November 7, 2010 at 4:53 pm

  87. Christina Lloyd
    I think that the midterm election results demonstrate the way that people around the nation today feel about the political leaders of the country and the way the current economy is right now. Since the Republicans now control the House this means that Obama is going to have to make an extra effort to avoid losing anymore of his supports and try his hardest to gain back anyone that he can. I think that this will have a huge impact in terms of his election in 2012, everything that takes place from now on is going to affect the 2012 presidential election and Obama has to be conscious of this. It appears that the democrats are slowly losing power throughout the country.
    Since this election Obama is going to have to work with a Republican controlled House. The Senate also has more republican seats than it did before the election. This means that he will now have to take more of the Republican perspective when dealing with certain issues and learn to work with Republicans more especially if he wants to gain any favor with them. In the 3rd district in New Jersey John Adler who was the incumbent from the Democratic Party lost to Jon Runyon a republican. This means something because incumbents usually win; however, this just shows a decrease in faith in the Democratic Party. The fact that the tea party has even gained supporters demonstrates society’s lack of trust in the political system as a whole but especially when it comes to the Democratic Party. Also in New Jersey in terms of Governor Christie this election put him in a better position to run for presidency in the 2012 election if he wants to. Multiple candidates that Christie endorsed won in their districts which makes him look even better. This election was extremely big for the republican party and can possibly be a big wake up call for the democrats and especially for President Obama.

    Christina Lloyd

    November 9, 2010 at 1:08 am

  88. With the current condition of the economy and President Barrack Obama’s approval numbers declining, it is no surprise to me that the Democrats lost seats in the House which is now in favor of the Republicans. With the loss of seats comes the loss of support for Obama which will most likely lead to future difficulties in getting bills passed. Furthermore this could be foreshadowing of things to come in the next couple of years. If trends continue the way that they are, and depending on the Republican candidate, it may be a very difficult race for Obama when he is up for re-election in 2012.
    Speaking of the 2012 election there is some speculation that Chris Christie could be a possible candidate for the Republicans. Many of his endorsed candidates in this election won their respective districts putting him in a better position to win New Jersey if he were ever to take a run at controlling the White House. Of course if that bridge would ever crossed I believe there are still a good amount of New Jersey citizens who are displeased with Christie over his education cuts and being the cause of the state missing out on funds it desperately needed. In any case, even if Christie were to not run, whoever the Republicans put up against Obama in 2012 has increased their odds with the decrease of Democratic House seats during this election.

    Aaron Antigua

    November 9, 2010 at 11:56 am

  89. Kevin Tam

    With the Republicans winning the House and the Democrats winning the Senate, there must be change now. The results, with the Republicans now taking the House, showed that voters are frustrated with the lack of change from Obama and his administration. Promising change to Americans and experiencing very little of it, Obama will now have a much more difficult time getting laws passed and proving himself with the division in Congress. He must cooperate with the Republicans and really push the envelope to get what he wants and to maintain any support. The two parties will have to work together towards change; otherwise they will collide and conflict with each other.
    Governor Chris Christie, after all of his campaigning for other candidates, will surely get more support for his efforts since the majority of the candidates he backed had won the elections. This enhances him image and perception to other politicians and the public and shows that Christie has an eye for seeing what the public wants.
    With both parties represented in Congress, the Democrats will have to compromise with the Republicans and the balance of power is maintained. The split in Congress could certainly be a good thing. If both political parties can work together in an interconnected manner and not bump heads, this change could manifest into changes that are fair and take into account the needs and concerns of the citizens.

    Kevin Tam

    November 9, 2010 at 11:58 am

  90. The results of this election will impact the future for the President. Now that the Republicans have taken control in some areas and are fighting for a new change, the President might have a little more of a harder time getting bills and policies passed. The Republicans are standing firm and have not been to happy with the presidents ideas so they are out to make sure that they are heard as well. They will not allow the President to have much of his way in the decisions that are made.

    As for the Governor, he will definitly get a boost in support from the Republicans that he’s been looking for and will hae a much easier time passing new bills and policies.

    The Democratic party will be in for a tug-of-war struggle with the Republicans and I feel thhat it brings much more confusion and argumentation to the government that will not help the economic status of our country but will add more tention.

    Nationally, I feel that this tention between parties will be felt clearly and in New Jersey, we will be in for a rude awakening will the new policies the Republicans are about to put in place. The citizens frustrations will not get any better but in fact worse until the two parties reach a compromise but unfortuantely that compromise will take a while to develop.

    Juleen Burke

    November 9, 2010 at 2:05 pm

  91. I believe that this election’s results to be very predictable, and make it much more difficult for Obama. There is more opposition against him, seeking better results than the change he had promised. Because of this, I firmly think that somehow both parties will have to co-exist to a degree and work together. Although it was a big blow to the democratic party, I still believe that if Obama can restore some of the hope that people have lost during his tenure, the person who would run against him next term would have his hands full.
    I feel that Chris Christie is satisfied with the results of this past election. Strong and high numbers can accomplish great things and with the support of Republicans in the House means there is a greater chance for progression. Although the Democrats may look bad since they prophesied change, both parties are now forced to regroup and provide a new kind of change.
    With this election, Republicans now have momentum on their side, trying to swing our country back since they have been unhappy with the progress the Democratic party has accomplished. This will be a difficult hill the Democrats need to climb in order to sustain their influence over America. As for the citizens, it is another shift in tides that we as a country go through, moving from Republican to Democratic, and back to Republican influences. Hopefully more citizens become politically aware, making it a stronger battle between the momentum the Republicans have going their way, and the Democrats trying to preserve their influence.

    Kelvin Canda

    November 9, 2010 at 5:43 pm

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